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What’s Worth Buying from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 13, 2024

Hello! It’s rare that I do blog posts anymore but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the one thing that will always pull me right back in, and not for the reasons you may be thinking. In my opinion, the sale is over hyped with every blogger trying to push buying a million things. If you’ve been here in years past you know that not only…

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The Best Clothing Stores & Boutiques for Boys

March 11, 2024

With my ‘baby’ approaching 2 years old, (cue mama tears over time flying by lol), I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on the best clothing for boys. And I mean COOL boy clothing. Clothing that is well made and stylish. None of these bright colored dinosaurs on scratchy fabrics over here!  I thought I loved fashion for me, but let me tell you I…

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Oakland’s Adventure Inspired Nursery

January 23, 2023

It’s taken me way too long, but I’m here to finally share a look at Oakland’s adventure inspired nursery! I’ll share photos below of different sections of the nursery with info on each area, but first you’ll see a ‘nursery at a glance’ list to make things easy for anyone wanting to shop his nursery items. Read on for all of the adventure inspired nursery…

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Gifts for the Taylor Swift Lover

December 6, 2022

“Don’t Blame Me” or say “Look what you made me do”  when you find yourself buying everything in this Taylor Swift gift guide. You know “All to Well” that the Taylor Swift lover on your Christmas list (or yourself) will go nuts over these Taylor Swift gifts! LOL Ok, bad attempt at speaking in TSwift lyrics aside, these gifts are so fantastic for a swiftie…

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Gifts for the Hostess

December 4, 2022

One gift guide I knew I couldn’t miss sharing this year is hostess gifts! Gifts for the hostess can be so much better than a bottle of wine or some flowers. Wow the hostess on your list this year with one of the below unique gifts. Tap any image to shop, and read to the end for three more unique hostess gift ideas that you…

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