Illusion Dresses

September 15, 2014



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Good morning everyone! Today I thought I would share my absolute FAVOURITE office look; this gorgeous ‘illusion dress’ by Beige by ECI. Illusion dresses, a relatively new fashion term, refer to dresses that are colour-blocked a certain way so as to give the illusion of a slimmer line. I love this particular illusion dress because of the curve of the white, giving a slimmer but still curvy look. 

For work, I often wear illusion dress and my go-to hairstyle is what you see here- my curls pinned up in a messy side bun. I also love neutral makeup with a bold red lip!

I am not working today, so I am currently wearing comfy clothes to go run errands all day, but this outfit is (almost) making wish I was back in the office! haha. Hopefully it helps you feel the same on this Monday morning!

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3 responses to “Illusion Dresses”

  1. Sandy B says:

    That dress is adorable! I love the lines!

  2. Jenna R. says:

    Gorgeous! I can't decide if the dress, shoes, or hair is my favorite part, so glam!

    xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie
    PS- I'd love for you to stop by on Thursdays to link up!

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