Gift Guide: Little Ones

November 26, 2014

Good morning everyone!!! I am so, so, excited to announce a new ‘post-plan’. For the next 4 weeks instead of “Wednesday Wants” I will be showcasing a number of different “gift guides” for the people in your life. I worked so hard, and spent SO many hours scouring the internet to come up with my favourite gifts so I really appreciate you taking the time to read these and I hope you like them!

Without further ado, this week I am presenting Gift Guides for all the tiny humans in your life. I am so lucky to have 3 nieces, 2 nephews and 2 goddaughters; so starting with gift guides for little ones was an absolute no-brainer! Let me know in the comments below what you think of these gift selections!

Bow Headbands // Mittens & Toque // Owl Bookends

Goodnight Moon Book // Baby Girl Bow Outfit  // Monogrammed Dot Baby Blanket 

 Baby Boy Stripes Outfit // Guess How Much I Love You Soft Book

1.  Nordstrom Baby Bow Headbands: Squishhhhhh. <- that is all I want to do to a little munchkins cheeks while having them wear this adorable headbands.

2. Buffalo Plaid Mittens & Toque: These are so freaking cute. Trendy, and cute. 

3. Owl Bookends: People love buying books for baby’s new library… why not go outside the box and get bookends?! These owls would look adorable in any nursery. 

4. Goodnight Moon: Such a classic. Every baby should have this book. I still have my copy of this book (from the ’80s!!! *shudder*) and I bought this for my niece Maia for her first Christmas. 

5. Children’s Place Outfit: I love giving sets as gifts- saves new (read: sleep deprived) mom’s of putting together a baby outfit. The bows on this one are so sweet.

6. Monogrammed Dot Baby Blanket: This pottery barn blanket is so soft, comes in a ton of colours, and can be engraved with the baby’s name. Love it. 

7. Children’s Place Outfit: I can’t get over the baby knee patches. Too much cute. 

8. Guess How Much I Love You Soft Book: Another classic that all nursery’s should have. The importance of tactile learning among infants is huge, so giving them this soft crinkle book is perfect for baby’s development.

 Doodle-Track Race Car Set // Fleece Jacket // Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book

Striped Rugby Polo // Lightening Bolt Sweater 

 DVD How to Train your Dragon: 2 // Snow Markers // Batman Rain Coat

1. Doodle-Track Race Car: I love that this combines the left-brain/right-brain dynamic by engaging boys’ creative side in terms of where they doodle the race track. Great way to get boys thinking creatively. 

2. Fleece Jacket: So stylish.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: My nephew Nick has always loved these books. Great for slightly older boys (I would say 8+) who are working on reading (and being read to) before bed. 

4. Striped Rugby Polo: A classic look. Would look so adorable paired with a puffer vest. 

5. Lightening Bolt Sweater: I grabbed this one for the gift guide the SECOND i saw it. What little boy wouldn’t think a lightening bolt is SO cool!?! 

6. How to Train your Dragon 2: A popular movie among young kids, and definitely one of my favourite kid’s films as of late (… sorry Frozen! haha)

7. Snow Markers: The perfect snow day activity. 

8. Batman Rain Coat: This would brighten any rainy day – who dislikes the rain when it means you get to dress like a super hero!?


 Frozen Fleece PJs  // Lite Brite // Leopard Print Jeggings

Bulldog Sweater // “Elsa” Necklace // Crazy Forts // Outfit (fur vest, tutu, gold boots)

Goldi Blox “Dunk Tank”  // Gold Dot Jeggings // Striped Cardigan

1. Frozen Fleece PJs: Alright universe; I cave to the obsession that is Frozen. In so doing, however, I am insisting on finding high quality ‘frozen’ products for my “Frozen fans”: my god-daughter Adelaide and niece Maia.

2. Lite Brite: I’m not gonna lie, I just got REALLY excited when I realized this was still a thing. Did anyone else LOVE this as a kid?! I am so getting these for my munchkins.. and playing it with them!

3. Leopard Print Jeggings: For the fashion-diva in your life. These are so stylin’. 

4. Bulldog Sweater: Just about the cutest, classiest graphic sweater I have seen for young girls.

5. “Elsa” Necklace: It’s so pretty, young girls’ will go nuts.

6. Crazy Forts: What kid doesn’t love building forts?! This is such an awesome present. 

7. Outfit: How awesome is this outfit from Children’s Place?! Perfect present for any mini-fashionista in your life. 

8. Goldi Blox ‘Dunk Tank”: I love the line of “Goldi Blox” products. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. They are company creating toys designed to keep girls interested in engineering. This “dunk tank” toy keeps girls creatively trying to build a dunk tank in order to get to the carnival on time. It teaches all about levers. Awesome. Let’s keep our girls interested in math and science!

9. Gold Dot Jeggings: …Do they make these for adults?! (… seriously…) These are the best. 

10. Striped Cardigan: So chic and classic.

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  1. footinmouth says:

    Lite Brite and Crazy Forts get my vote. As does the outfit with the adorable knee patches. Xo

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