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December 3, 2014

It’s Wednesday, and that means another addition to my Christmas Gift Guides! Click the photo above to be taken right to the item, or click the links in my descriptions below.

  Today I‘m sharing a gift guide for moms. If you are at all like me you probably place your mom near the very top of your gift buying list. I feel like I owe so much in my life to my mom. She is the most supportive woman; always willing to answer a crying-my-eyes-out phone call and always willing to answer any dumb questions I may have (… I legitimately once texted my mother from a deposition (lawyer meeting) to ask her if she thought it was okay if I left to pee or if I should try to wait till the end haha). 

Anyway, mom’s are often very fun to buy for since you do want to get them something pretty special. I love shopping for my mom. Finding perfect, special gifts though can be tough. These are my favourite gits for moms this holiday season. I hope you like them!

1. “What I Know for Sure” by Oprah Winfrey: I myself want to read this, and it SO up “mom alley” What a great, simple gift.

2. Hampton Popcorn Collection: One thing you should probably know; my mom is a popcorn ADDICT. She loves the stuff so much, it is pretty much the only ‘treat’ she eats. When I saw this popcorn tin collection of candy flavoured popcorns I knew it would be perfect for my mom and any other mom’s out there who love to curl up watch movies and eat some yummy treats!

3. Gold Tassel Necklace: Such a mature, chic look, but still very fashion forward. Perfect for the fashionable mom. I also love that 100% of the net proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Great necklace, great cause.

4. Tory Burch Earrings: These just scream sophistication and style to me. Perfect for moms.

5. Tortoise & Crystal Necklace: Tortoise shell is a great trend that has been especially popular among mature women. This necklace combines that mature pattern with a youthful, bold look of a ‘statement’ necklace. Again, I just love it for older women to keep them classy and perfectly chic!

6. Engraved Recipe Cutting Board: This is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. You can submit any handwritten recipe and they will engrave the writing into a cutting board. What an amazing way to preserve a grandma or great grandma’s recipe and present it to your mother. I love the nostalgia and sentimentality of this gift.

7. Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle Cover: Next random fact about my mother… the woman is ALWAYS cold. always. I have never in my 28 years of life known my mother to go to bed without a hot water bottle. This cover would look so chic for when the bottle is left lying around the bedroom, and would be soooo cozy on your feet! Great gift.

8. Michael Kors Travel Tote: So this bag has ended up on my “Wednesday Wants” on numerous occasions (there are so many different colours)! I want this so badly. However, not only is it great for a 20-something, it is an iconic, simple statement bag that is great for mom’s. Definitely a great gift for any mom.

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  1. Verna Ford says:

    Sometimes, you can find out how much a person means to another through the gifts they give. And with yours, there’s no doubt that your mom is the most important person in your life. Everything on your list are very well-thought out and special, particularly the items of jewelry. In my opinion, they are the ones that should never be gone in anyone’s list; as it is, and always will be, a woman’s best piece of accessory. Thanks for sharing!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs the Jewellers

    • Lee T says:

      That is the sweetest compliment, thank you so much. My mom is definitely an important person in my life, and I love finding items for her (and everyone else I love) that are truly special.

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