Gift Guides: The Party Girl & The Busy Bee

December 10, 2014

This week and next I’ve got gift guides for all the awesome, wonderful,
kick butt girl friends you have in your life. Today I’ve got two
different “categories” for ya; the party girl and the busy bee. Let’s
just say I have a lot of friend’s that fall into both of these
categories (.. you know who you are! haha) So without further ado:

Bath tub wine glass holder

Body Harness

“Detox” Organic Green Tea

Star Burst Earrings

Corcicle Wine Cooler


Ear Cuff


Floppy Hat

Can I just say that the die-hard-party friend is so much fun to buy for! These are possibly my favourite gifts of the season! They are fun, unique, and often things that someone would not buy for themselves, but just love having! I hope you like these!

1. Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder: … Are you KIDDING ME!?! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread (… though as a gluten free girl, I can’t say I really like sliced bread anyway :P) But seriously, this is so simple (cheap!) and adorable. What a perfect gift. … I may or may not be buying one for myself as well… haha

2. Body Harness: Every party girl needs to be glammed up and blinged out to party. These ‘body harness’ necklaces are totally the ‘it’ look right now.

3. “Detox” Davids Tea: Let’s face it, were not 18 anymore (what!?) and recovery from partying takes a bit more than it used to. This tea is perfect for Sunday mornings.

4. Star Burst Earrings: These are stunning. They would sparkle up any dance floor from here to Timbuktu.

5. Corcicle Wine Cooler: Such a great idea – allows you to keep your wine on the table, but no worry about it getting cold. This would also be a good gift for any moms or dads out there who are into food and drink!

6. Sunglasses: These are chic and classic with an edgy twist with those metal side bands. Perfect to rock on a rough morning after.

7. Ear Cuff: Like body harnesses, these babies are all the rage right now. Perfect to rock at a concert.

8. Mug: I have a mug addiction, so I basically find mugs to suit every personality. This is so cute for a party loving friend… who also loves her next day coffee.

9. Hat: We got the sunnies covered, but no morning after outfit is complete without a big floppy hat to hide some unruly hair. 

Tech Gloves

Bow Necklace & Earring Set

 Travel Mug

Scented Candle 

“Jumpy Monkey” Tea 

Essie Nail Stickers 

Sephora “Minimergency” Kit 

Crossbody Bag 

With work, and family, and trying to have a social life, so many women are SO busy these days. This is the gift guide for the crazy busy woman in your life. Any gift on here would be a perfect addition to their holiday season!

1. Tech Gloves: I am SO glad to see that there are cute tech gloves available this year. These are so stylish and since they are “tech gloves” they are designed to allow you to still operate the touch screen on your Iphone or other electronic device. Busy women do not have time to remove their gloves (and freeze their hands) to text, so these are PERFECT.

2. Bow Necklace & Earring Set: Busy women don’t have time to worry about matching their accessories… this set has ya covered! Cute, simple and a no-brainer.

3. Travel Mug: Repeat after me: I will not hit the snooze button, I will not hit the snooze button. 😛 Make the busy girl’s morning a bit brighter with this adorable (and motivational!) travel mug. Coffee on the go is a necessity for any busy woman.

4. Bath & Body Works “Twisted Peppermint” Candle: This is my FAVOURITE scent from their holiday collection. Sweet, but not overpowering. Every busy girl deserves time to unwind, and what a perfect way to do that then with a festive scented candle.

5. “Jumpy Monkey” Davids Tea: This is one of my all time favourite Davids Teas. For busy women who need the caffeine hit but are either a) trying to cut back on coffee, or b) don’t like coffee, this is the perfect gift. This definitely gives you the energy to tackle your day!

6. Essie Nail Stickers: My mama always told me that chipped nail polish is unprofessional and this has always stuck with me. Problem: I have the hardest time keeping my nails from chipping, and I am so busy that when they do chip I often don’t have time to fix them; and then I just feel very unprofessional  walking around with chipped nails. Therefore, lately I have become addicted to nail stickers! These babies go on in the same amount of time (or less!) that it takes me to paint my nails, only they stay in place all chip-free looking for a WEEK. These are perfect for busy women who don’t have time to worry about their nails, but want their nails to look clean and polished ( perfect for anyone who was raised by a mom like mine! haha)

7. Minimergency Kit: I love this idea. Sephora released this gorgeous sparkly little bag stocked up with all the essentials – sewing kit, bandaids, advil. This is the perfect gift for any busy woman as they can just throw this in their purse and always be prepared!

8. Crossbody Bag:
My final gift pick for the busy bee – this chic crossbody bag!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Great roundup! Thinking the bathtub wine glass holder needs to come home with me!

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