December 29, 2014

Shirt: Joe Fresh (Sold out) Similar: here
Sweater: J.Crew Factory (sold out in red,
available in cream) Similar: here
Vest: Marley Lilly
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Hunter
Rings: Aldo

And now that January is almost here, bring on the warm, clothes!! How AWESOME is this monogrammed vest from Marley Lilly?!? Love that ‘J Crew Herringbone’ look, for a better price AND with a monogram!

I also love print mixing when layering – so with this outfit I matched up the herringbone with plaid, and stuck with a colour present in the plaid (cherry red) for my ‘sweater layer’.

Have you all recovered from the craziness of the holiday season yet!? Looking forward to New Years? I hope so! If you are still looking for New Years Outfit inspiration & ideas don’t forget to check out my posts with the lovely Bree from The Urban Umbrella; here and here

10 responses to “Layered”

  1. Beautiful! Great comfy outfit! Check out my latest outfit post.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Really cute outfit! Love the color choice for the top and vest 🙂 Of course I'm still super biased of your Hunters, they look amazing on you! I own 5 pairs myself (yes I know, totally obsessed lol) and think pink or yellow ones would be super cute on you!

    • Thank you so much!! Haha I love that you own FIVE pairs of hunters! It must be a rainboot rainbow in your hallway in the spring! haha! Thank you so much; I definitely have been wanting the yellow ones – such a great way to add some brightness to a rainy day!

      Thank you for reading!!


  3. Haha yes it is! I own black, white, red, pink and denim blue. I have green, grey, purple and yellow on my list of ones to get still. I just love how cute they look, being a prep i have a lot of bright colors in my wardrobe so they help coordinate on outfits and I live in Seattle, it demands Hunters here. But even in the sun, i usually wear shorts, a polo and a pair of hunters. Only on really hot days will you not find me in them. I love how yellow looks on people ive seen wear them so its definitely a home run if you get them. Love your blog by the way, you are freaking gorgeous!

    • Ooo so pretty! I love bright colours too- why not be bold and fun with your wardrobe!? I didn't know you were in Seattle! I've got the same rainy weather as you as im in Vancouver!

      Thank you SO much! I am so, so glad you like it!


  4. Woohoo northwest natives! Yeah i get a lot of compliments on my wardrobe, very unique and one of a kind! I think my favorite Hunter outfit would be my pink ones with white pants, pink polo and a white blazer. Are you much of a dress girl? I know of a bunch i think you would look really cute in if youd like to see?

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