Secret Santa Recap!

January 12, 2015

secret santa gift exchange

I wanted to share with you lovely readers some fun I had over this holiday season. This Christmas some of my favourite fashion bloggers/instagram’ers and I did a secret santa gift exchange!! It was great to connect with a group of some of the most fashionable, kindest ladies you could ever meet; and getting to know them more through their blogs was so much fun! Today the 7 of us decided to do a little “recap” and show you guys what gifts we sent & received. Enjoy!

The fashionistas involved in this Secret Santa were:
Emily from I Do Declare

Heather from A Little Casual
Jillian from Cup of Charisma
Jolene @morningcuppajo on Instagram
Tiff from Bright on a Budget
Vanessa from What Would V Wear 

and of course me, Lee! 

collaboration what would v wear

I drew the fabulous Vanessa and was SO excited to pick out a gift for her! For those of you who don’t know Vanessa, not only is she stylish but she is the accessory QUEEN. Seriously. So for her gift, OF COURSE I had to go with accessories! 

fashion blogger collaboration

plaid hair bow
Pillows old. similar: here 

I got Vanessa this necklace from H&M and these KICK BUTT sunglasses from Le Chateau (that I am holding up in the above photo!) I had a blast picking these out for her! 

delicious christmas treats and wrapping

As the only Canadian in the secret santa group, I *clearly* had to rep my country as well, so I went with the most Canadian Christmas card I could find as my card for Vanessa. Isn’t it the cutest!?

Unfortunately due to ridiculousness with the post office, my secret santa present from the lovely Emily hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t show you any pics 🙁  Be sure to follow me on instagram though, as I will show a pic once I get my gift!

Be sure to check out the rest of the girls blogs to see what gifts they selected and received!

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  1. The sunglasses were a perfect gift for her (necklace link isn't working)! I chose to go with accessories as well. And your outfit was perfect for the holidays!!!!


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