Wednesday Wants

January 7, 2015



Pink Midi Skirt

Rose Gold Bow Bracelet

Owl Mug

Lace Dress

Jacquard midi skirt

Bow topped Beanie

Jetsetter Sweater

Yellow mini skirt

Okay, so this week’s Wednesday Wants may *slightly* reveal
my current obsessions right now: Bows, Rose Gold and Midi Skirts! haha Enjoy everyone, and have a great Wednesday!

1. Pink Midi Skirt: I love the versatility of this piece – perfect for winter worn with a cream sweater, but also perfect for spring paired with pastels!

2. Rose Gold Bow Bracelet: Obsessed. I love Rose Gold and this bow is so elegant. 

3. Owl Mug: I rarely post non-clothing items but this mug was WAY too cute not to share. I should tell you all that I have a mug addiction – I love collecting fun mugs.

4. Lace Dress: This cut and this colour together create the perfect chic & classy dress.

5. Jacquard Midi Skirt:
Love the tiny bows at the waist line. Such a perfect piece for any fancy day event – brunches, high tea, meeting the boyfriend’s parents (eek!)

6. Bow topped Beanie:
Kate Spade, you get me. This is the cutest ever.

7. Jetsetter Sweater: As a travel addict, I can’t help but swoon over travel related items. I want to wear this with cozy ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots on my next flight!

8. Yellow Mini Skirt: LOVE this bold colour. Paired with a blue and white striped tee this would be so cute!

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