2015 Academy Awards Gowns & My Favourite Gowns I’ve Ever Worn

February 23, 2015

similar dresses to academy awards

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The. Academy. Awards. Is there anything else being talked about this morning?!?! I am a *huge* fan of the Oscars (having written my own acceptance speech at the ripe old age of 5… I kid you not) and I must say last night’s Academy Awards Show may have been my favourite EVER. The fashion, the humor and the important issues being raised were all right on point (… I’ll get back to that part in a moment).

First, the FASHION. There were some incredible gowns last night and I wanted to share with you all my personal favourites – as well as WHY I think these gowns worked.

Second, the issues. As a criminal lawyer, I was personally really excited to hear mention of the incarceration in the US. Jail isn’t a “Sexy” issue, so it’s not something that gets (in my opinion) the media attention it deserves. It is, however, a huge problem in the US (and in Canada). Did you know that the US incarcerates more YOUTH than any other country in the WORLD?! It’s so sad. If this is an issue that interests you in the slightest I HIGHLY recommend you watch Frontline’s “Locked Up in America” episode Prison State. I also recommend watching Gideon’s Army – an amazing documentary on public defender’s in America. It completely changed my outlook on the criminal justice system and has a continuing impact on my career. It’s SO interesting.

Ok, total-lawyer-geek-moment is over now. Back to my favourite gowns:

1. Chloe Grace Moritz:

chloe grace moritz academy awards dress similar - knock off

 I absolutely ADORED this Miu Miu dress on Chloe. It is getting quite mixed reviews in the “fashion world” but I think it was the perfect choice for her. Often the young actresses at awards shows look silly to me – like they are playing dress up in their mom’s clothes. The straight across strapless neckline and pattern to this dress make it far more youthful than your average red carpet dress, which I think fixes this problem entirely and makes Chloe shine as a young celebrity. And don’t even get me started on the pockets… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I love pockets in any dress, but with this especially it added an element of “laid back” and cool, that would have looked ridiculous on a more senior actress but worked really well with someone her age.

Similar Dress: herehere and here

2. Nancy O’Dell

black one shoulder ruffle gown

A black dress is ALWAYS a timeless look. The intense ruffles to this stunning Gauri & Nainika dress add just enough glamour to bring this dress from plain LBD, to red-carpet worthy. If you are wanting a black dress for your big event (prom, formal, etc.) make sure it has something that is a bit dramatic in order to take your dress from every day to extra special.

SIMILAR DRESS: here and here

3. Anna Kendrick

dresses similar to anna kendrick academy awards

prom dress ideas

a perfect colour on her!! The peachy tones really complement her fair
but rosy skin tone and auburn hair. To me this dress really ‘worked’
because of the simple accessories silver/
diamond rings and earrings) and the fact that her hair was pulled up to ensure a complete view of the stunning collar.

SIMILAR DRESS: here and here

4. Julie Andrews


In addition to being quite possibly the most talented, classy lady EVER, Julie Andrews just nailed her outfit. The dark blue is a perfect colour compliment to her dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and the Necklace hanging down into the slight of her top drew attention to this unique detail of the outfit (the slit). Such a win.

My Own Fancy Dresses:

1. Periwinkle Sweetheart

ball gown prom dress ideas

prom dress ideas

SIMILAR DRESS: here, here, and here

I wore this dress to my sister Rachel’s wedding last summer. I am still in love with it, and consider it my “princess” dress. The sweetheart neckline is great for *cough* chest-y *cough* girls like myself, and the tightness just to the natural waist is a flattering fit on my hip-y body type. I love the perwinkle colour and the layer of chiffon that goes all the way around except the slit up the one leg is such a unique detail.  (ps. the last pic is me trying it on in the change room so please excuse the bra strap that is showing, and the lack of any sort of styled hair or makeup!) 

2. Royal Blue Sequined 

prom dress ball gown ideas

prom dress ideas

wedding hair

SIMILAR DRESS: herehere, here and here

 I wore this dress to my law school “prom” in April 2013. This dress is actually one I borrowed from my mom’s closet!! I love the royal blue colour (so dramatic) and the interesting sequins throughout the top of the dress. Given the intensity of the dress, I felt that an up-do was necessary as was a bold red lip.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post!!

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  1. Bree Aylwin says:

    I agree, they all looked incredible. I actually really loved Reese Witherspoon's dress too, she really wowed me. Same with Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansen, and Jennifer Aniston!

    LOVE your periwinkle dress, that's a gorgeous colour on you. And that hairstyle = stunning! xx

  2. libys11 says:

    so glam!!! i love this!! 😀

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