Fashion & Beauty Tricks (aka. life hacks)

February 20, 2015

For a little something different today I wanted to do a post on my top 5 fashion & beauty “tricks”. I show you so many of my office looks – the outfits, the hair and the makeup. What I thought you may be interested in is the little ‘life hacks’ I use to get these looks quickly and easily. Ie. The little tricks I’ve found that help me out in terms of my beauty and fashion.

I‘ve got five key tricks (…for now!) that make my beauty routine and my ‘outfit selection’ easier. I hope these tips help you out! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1) Make a List of Work Outfits:

fashion trick list work outfitsMy friend Natalia actually told me about doing this, and oh my gosh has it ever been a huge help in cutting down my time in the mornings! Growing up I always heard “lay out your outfits the night before” but seriously, as a fashion lover, who the heck can do that!?! My fashion is entirely dictated by my mood so I definitely can’t pick something out the night before. This, however, is totally different. 

Spending 20 minutes one day writing a list of outfits I can make from my wear-to-work wardrobe means I have a bunch of ideas of outfits already picked out, but, I still have choice in the morning as I can pick off of this 10 outfit list (..and cross them off when I’m done so I don’t wear the same outfit again in the two week period). Such a simple but awesome fashion trick! 

2) Glitter Tip Nails:
makeup and beauty tips and ideasShhhh.. don’t tell anyone that these “i-look-like-i-just-got-my-nails-done” nails are actually my totally lazy way of extending my manicure. Whenever my nail polish starts chipping at the tips I just put glitter polish on the tips and voila! Fresh nails that people always compliment! You may have noticed these nails in my outfit posts here & here.

3) Phone Log:

how to keep an organized wardrobe

Something I always do when I have a particularly “tough to match” item of clothing or home decor, is snap a picture on my IPhone so that when I’m shopping and think I see something that would work with it, I can check the colours, details, etc. in the picture with the item in the store and make sure it matches.

4) Heat Your Eyelash Curler:
beauty tips and tricksI have naturally long eyelashes, which is great, but they are pin straight. There is zero curl to them at all, and after years of eyelash curling to no avail I discovered this little trick. Regular eyelash curling curls my eyelashes for an hour or so, and that’s it. Heating the eyelash curler a bit before curling makes them stay curled all day. Win!
*If you try this yourself please be very careful!! You can burn yourself if you heat the curler for too long.

5) Separate Everyday Makeup and Other Makeup:

how to keep your makeup organized

Anyone else’s makeup drawers a disaster? Mine looked like a Sephora fulled tornado and a MAC hurricane had a makeup baby. Rough. Then, I realized that most makeup in my drawer I used once a week or less. So, I cleaned out my drawer so that only the items I use everyday are in it, with all other makeup stored in makeup bags beneath my sink. 

This keeps my makeup drawer less messy, with my makeup easier to find when I’m rushing out the door in the morning. Also, I sometimes forget the makeup I have in my bags and thus get excited when I find say a red lipstick I totally forgot about. It’s like getting new makeup haha. 

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3 responses to “Fashion & Beauty Tricks (aka. life hacks)”

  1. Rose Frey says:

    Great tips!! I recently separated my everyday make up from my vast selection of other items and it's great!! I'm still organizing them in drawers below so I can still access them.

  2. This is so beautiful! Thanks so much! Have a lovely weekend gorgeous! xo Nicole Evolution of Glam

  3. Beautiful post ! I enjoyed reading your tips ! It makes me think to organize my accessories :))

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