Polette Eyewear: Glasses for us “screen addicts”

March 20, 2015


A few months back a friend told me about an online eyewear retailer; Polette. I made a mental note to check out them out when I had time – just to see the pretty glasses – but I had no intention of buying anything as I haven’t worn glasses since I got laser eye surgery in 2009!   I completely forgot about them for a while until one day I was complaining to a co-worker about how much I had been staring at my computer screen that day, and how my eyes hurt. It was then that she mentioned “E-Polette” – a non-prescription collection of eyewear designed by Polette that reduces blue light/glare in order to PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM COMPUTER SCREENS!

How cool is that?!?

I immediately went and checked out Polette and was so glad that I did!! The entire process of selecting my glasses was fun! As you can see below they have a really cool feature where you can add a photo of yourself (and then size it as directed) to see what the various frames would look like on your face.


I decided to go with the “E-Brooklyn” glasses. I love em! They are a bit oversized which I feel a little “trying to be a hipster” while wearing… but I secretly really enjoy that. 


Glasses: Polette c/o 
Wall Letter:
Chapters. Similar: here and here 
PJ Set:
H&M. Similar: here
Over-the-Knee Socks:
Forever 21 

 Coffee Mug: Chapters

Phone Case: Michael Kors


I find myself wearing my E-Brooklyn’s whenever I am stuck spending a day out of court (ugh)… which means sitting in front of a computer all day. I also wear them on lazy weekend mornings when I curl up in bed and catch up on tv shows (I am loving Vampire Diaries & Girls right now) and blogs.

Needless to say, I LOVE these glasses in particular, but also the entire concept of E-eyewear. I would highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, has wayyyy to much screen time in their day!

The one thing I have to tell you though that I did not love about Polette is that it is very slow shipping. …We’re talking molasses at Christmas time here. It was just over one month from when I ordered my glasses to when I received them. I still recommend these glasses (and will still totally be ordering another pay myself!) but I just wanted to point this out to all of you so you are aware.

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