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May 18, 2015





Maxi Dress: Old Navy 

Denim Jacket: Old. Similar: here and here
Scarf: Aldo (in store) Similar Aldo: here
Hat: Marley Lilly
Purse: Ever New. Similar: here.
Wedges: Jessica Simpson. Similar: here and here

Good morning everyone! As you know if you read my blog or follow me on instagram, I am currently in VEGAS! It has been so amazing so far, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it (and post outfit pics!) when I’m back. For today though, traveling to Vegas inspired me to do a “what to wear when traveling” post. Specifically, what to wear when traveling in the warm weather (my tips are different for what to wear in the cold). Anyway, I snapped these pics as we headed to the airport in Bellingham so please excuse the “rushed” quality! Okay, I’ll stop babbling now; here are my tips for what to wear/bring while traveling during warm weather:

1. Maxi Dress: 
Growing up I was never allowed to wear sweat pants or lululemons on a plane. My sister is an Air Canada pilot and I was always told that we had to look “nice” while traveling, and couldn’t just be in sweats. This was incredibly annoying as a kid, but now I am happy I am in the habit of dressing nicely while traveling. The problem, of course, is that no one wants to be uncomfortable while sitting on a plane for hours at a time. (Side note: I am always amazed when I see people in jeans on a plane.. HOW?! they are so uncomfortable!) When I travel in the warm weather I ALWAYS wear a maxi dress. It looks nice still, but is oh-so-comfortable. I highly recommend a maxi dress when flying.

2. Layers ( a jacket AND a scarf):

Planes are inexplicably always freezing. One key when traveling then is to ensure you are layered up. This means a jacket on top of the maxi dress and a scarf. ALWAYS bring a scarf. In the winter this is easier, but even in the summer I find bringing a light weight summer scarf to be so important. It is great for wrapping around you for added warmth once you’re in flight. The scarf I am wearing in these pictures is a perfect summer scarf because it is light weight, and is on trend with the tassels. I also LOVE this scarf for summer.

3. Zip Top Purse:
I will never understand how people bring open totes on a plane. My biggest “requirement” for my traveling outfit is a zip top purse. You often end up having to squish them under your seat and I don’t want to worry about any of the contents falling out! This purse is my other “go-to” for traveling. I have it in black and use it every time I travel in the fall/winter.

4. Wedge Heels: 

You need to be able to walk a lot (at least in most airports) so heels are out, in my opinion. I always wear my wedges however, because while you need to be able to walk, I also like to wear shoes that would take up a lot of room if packed. I often travel with carry on (I did for this trip!) so this makes a huge difference for me.

5. Fluffy Socks:

Again, comfort is a priority when traveling, so I always bring a pair of fluffy socks in my purse. That way as soon as I sit down I can take off my wedges and get cozy!

I hope you guys found this helpful! See you back here on Wednesday!

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8 responses to “Traveling 101”

  1. Paulina Mo says:

    How fun!! The outfit looks super comfy!! Have a blast in Vegas!


  2. I need to get in the habit of dressing nicely when I fly! Great tips!

  3. Perfect style for a traveling outfit! The scarf and wedges are so pretty! Layers are so important for air travel whether you get hot or cold, you're covered lol. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

  4. Love the look! Perfect comfy outfit for traveling!!

  5. Amazing post!! A maxi dress is the best. xx


  6. Hope you had a great time in Vegas, you look great in the pics xx

  7. Katie C says:

    It's such a great outfit! Totally agree with dressing up for flights AND the zip top purse. One of my fears is all my contents tumbling out of my bag on the security belt, coming out of the x ray one lipstick at a time. HA!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  8. Cynthia Hoyt says:

    I love your scarf! It's beautiful! Also love your tips! I think everyone should dress up for flights, and basically life in general.

    Darling Down South
    Find me at : instagram

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