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June 29, 2015




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Today I am teaming up with Vancouver based jewelry company Nobis & Grey to talk about jewelry for your work day. While I have done many posts on LegalLee Blonde talking about tips for what to wear to work (here), great colour combinations for office attire (here & here), and even my go-to court outfit (here); I realized i have yet to talk about accessorizing your office wear.  

lot of people are afraid to wear jewelry with professional outfits, and I
think that is unnecessary! Young professionals especially, seem to
want to accessorize their outfits and bring their personal style into
their office wear.
done well can absolutely compliment a professional look.

With today‘s look I wanted to show that you CAN wear a lot of jewelry
(I am wearing SIX different pieces here!) and still keep your look
professional, if you consider certain tips. My tips on selecting jewelry
for your office wear are:

1) Colors
For the office, stick
with metal, crystal or one color. This is not the place to bust out your
blue, pink, and yellow statement necklace or your neon tassel

2) Material
While mixed metal can be a pretty look
in your accessories, my general rule for the office is to wear all rose
gold, all gold or all silver. This keeps the jewelry from competing
with one another and allows you to wear more, while still remaining
classic and office appropriate.

3) The rule of two
places. That’s where you should have jewelery for work. Ie. bracelets
and rings, as I have done here, or rings and necklace, etc. I,
personally, don’t count simple earrings in the rule of two, but if you
are going with a dangling statement earring then I would say to stick
only to one other jewelry location. As I am wearing a lot of jewelry
here, I decided to stick to rings and bracelets.

4) Functionality
you spend a lot of time at computer? If so, let’s be real, charm
bracelets or other loose bracelets are going to drive you legitimately
insane. Better to stick with cuffs, like the ones I am wearing here,
that will not interfere with your day-to-day lifestyle.

Nobis & Grey is a really interesting company because they have a great balance
between fun, bright jewelry pieces and simple, office appropriate ones.
They are in the midst of re-vamping their website (hence why I didn’t
directly link each item I am wearing) so stay tuned for that!

I am excited to announce that LegalLee Blonde readers can get 30% off at Nobis & Grey with the below discount code. Happy shopping!


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12 responses to “Office Jewelry”

  1. I love the bracelets and those earrings!

  2. Lindsay Ava says:

    Love love those earrings and bracelets, always have been a big fan of roman numerals with watches. Your outfit looks great, very sophisticated and smart, with just the perfect touch of jewellery to add something 🙂

    • Lee T says:

      Aww that is SO kind, thank you so much Lindsay!! I'm glad you like the look!
      Hope you are having a great start to your weekend!


  3. I love gold for the office. It's hard to balance looking cute with professional but this nails it!

  4. I loe that classic navy sheath and MK Bag. Navy always looks great with gold, too. All the jewelry is pretty. I especially love the bracelets. =)

  5. Great tips for wearing jewelry in the office environment! Love your chic navy blue dress paired with the gold accessories! These pieces are so beautiful.

  6. Ricky Rowe says:

    I think you made several valid points in this post. I agree that people shouldn't be afraid to wear jewelry accessories with professional work place outfits. Jewelry can help any outfit really come together. It has a way of accentuating what you are wearing. Thank you for pointing out that it is possible to properly accessorize business attire.

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

  7. rajsi says:

    Check the latest collection of indian jewellery online @ Rajsi

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