Vegas – Do’s and Dont’s

June 19, 2015


I can’t believe it has already been a month since my girls trip to
Vegas!! It was the best trip of my life so far – even better than The Yacht Week
last summer which was pretty darn amazing. With this trip it just
seemed that at every turn Vegas managed to out-Vegas itself – everything
was bigger, louder & crazier than I could have imagined. For
today’s post I thought I’d give you a mini recap of my trip (according
to my iPhone).

We arrived in Vegas Friday evening and went straight to check in to our
hotel. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which was perfect. We wanted to be
right on the strip – and near all the hotels we wanted to go to (since
literally going to a club in the hotel right next door can be a 20 min
walk since the hotels are so massive!). Monte Carlo is a bit older (so
fit within our price range!) but still had the central location.

** I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of our “shoe collection”. The 4 of us girls went CARRY ON on this trip and still managed to produce this many shoes. We are basically packing ninjas**

**Outside our hotel**

As soon as we checked in we got our butts to OMNIA night club at Caesars
Palace. OMNIA was a really interesting club. We got taken straight to
one of the booths on the top level and spent the night partying there.
The actual club is on multi-levels with this big moving chandelier type
thing in the middle. Armin Van Buuren was playing the night we went and
he was great!


** OMNIA night club** 

Now, the best part of Vegas, in my opinion, are the day parties.
Don’t get me wrong, the nightclubs are amazing, but I have been to many
cities around the world with great nightclubs. What made Vegas unique
was the day parties. On Saturday we went to Wet Republic at the MGM
Grand. After what was a giant unorganized mess of a “line” trying to get
in, the actual pool party was really great. We spent some time in a
booth by the main pool, and then the rest of the day in cabana a bit
higher up, which was away from the DJ but had it’s own mini-pool!
Basically a hot tub, but filled with cold water. This cabana set up was
probably my favourite of all them. Calvin Harris was the DJ and he was
really great.



**Outfits: my swimsuit: here, similar body chains: here, here and here **



Saturday night we saw the Cirque du Soleil show “Zumanity”. … Funny
story, we actually slept through the 7pm show that we had tickets for
(… a little too much fun at Wet Republic I guess!) and woke up in a
panic at 8pm. Luckily, we went to the box office and they were SO kind
and just gave us tickets to the 10pm show instead. The show was really
interesting and had some incredible acrobats. I highly recommend it!

After Cirque we went to Hakkasan night club (back at the MGM Grand).
This was actually my least favourite night club – it felt very cramped –
basically like every night club here in North America. However, Tiesto
was DJ’ing and he was absolutely amazing!! Definitely my favourite DJ
set from the trip!

Sunday, we went to Encore Beach Club. Again, I absolutely loved the day
pool party scene; far more “me” than the club scene I guess. David
Guetta DJ’d and he was pretty good. I really liked this club since we
spent a lot of time bouncing around between different cabanas.

 ** Encore Beach Club**


 ** Outfit: Swimsuit, very similar: here, Statement necklace, similar: here and here, Sunglasses, similar: here. On Lauren: Swimsuit, similar: here, Sunglasses, here **


review-of-different-vegas-pool-parties-day-clubSunday night we went to XS – which has a “Sunday night swim” so the club
is set up outside around the pool. It was awesome to be night clubbing
but in the fresh, cool air!! Zed, who I had never heard of before, was
the DJ. He was a bit too electronic / techno-y for my taste, but it was
still fun. The Sunday Night swim at XS was definitely my favourite part
of the Vegas trip and I definitely recommend going to this if you are
there on a Sunday!


** XS Sunday Night Swim**

Monday, our last day, we just explored the strip! Checked out as many
hotel lobbies as we could and even did a bit of gambling! I only play
Roulette, but I had SO much fun doing that. I am
not much of a gambler as I was only willing to part with $5 for gambling
purposes, LOL, but I turned that $5 into $27 so I was deliriously

Overall, the trip was unreal. I laughed more than I ever thought possible, drank a ton, danced even more. 



Some random thoughts & tips if you are heading to Vegas:

1) DON’T bother buying/bringing sunscreen – the pool party clubs have sunscreen in all the cabanas.. and if you/your friends aren’t placed in a cabana, I am also told that you can just go to the lost and found and they will give you a lost sunscreen.

2) DO bring your most glam outfits. It is absolutely normal to wear heels and a statement necklace with your bikini while at the pool parties.

3) DON’T plan on more than one club per night. It is just not do-able given how far away the clubs are from each other

4) DO hashtag “vegas” or “lasvegasclub” or other similar things on a social media post when you arrive. Recruiters for the clubs search these and will leave info on different clubs (and how to get on their guest list) on the photo. This is great if you are a Vegas first-timer and don’t know any of the recruiters. Trust me, you need a recruiter to get you in the clubs, otherwise you are looking at lineups an hour or longer!

5) DON’T miss out on the pool parties! I swear they are better than the nightclubs!

6) DO take a day to walk the strip going in to a bunch of the hotels lobbies/casinos just to check them out. They truly are stunning. My “must sees” are: Caesar’s Palace, the Venetian, Paris, Aria, & Cosmopolitan. 

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18 responses to “Vegas – Do’s and Dont’s”

  1. This is giving me Vegas envy! I went last summer for a bachelorette party and went to the Wet Republic pool party too and lets just say we swore to not speak of what happened after it haha!

    • Lee T says:

      Haha that is a GOOD decision! lol. I can't believe how crazy the pool parties are!
      … lol and don't worry about getting Vegas envy; just writing this post made me miss it already and want to go back! haha


  2. Wow,great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Wow,great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness, what amazing tips and this trip looked like it was amazing! I will definitely be sure to have some pool parties on my list when I head out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Lee T says:

      Aw yay I am so glad you liked my tips!!
      And it really was amazing, I can't even process it all yet, it just seems so unreal!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Paulina Mo says:

    That looks like such a blast!!! Going there this July for my bachelorette!! love Vegas, the only place I haven't checked out is Omnia (it looks great in your pics!)


    • Lee T says:

      AHHH Pau you are going to have the BEST bachlorette there!! I hope you post pics!!
      And ya, Omnia was really cool you should definitely go!


  6. Amazing photos! Looks like you had the absolute best time! Thanks for all of the tips too. I've never been to Vegas…yet….but hope to get there some day.

  7. WOW… looks like you had a blast! I love a pool party.. more than a nightclub for sure… needing a trip to Vegas immediately after reading this!
    Thanks for sharing last at Friday Finds – I hope to see you again tomorrow!
    Heather Wyancko

  8. Seems like you had a great trip . I hope you enjoyed the Las Vegas Nightclubs as much as i do. I see you made it to surrender at the encore. such a great pool party to attend

  9. Kasandra says:

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