High Five for Friday #6

July 3, 2015


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Welcome to another High Five for Friday, a post where I recap 5 great things from my week so far. Here goes:


I have (finally!) moved in to my new condo! The actual move was stressful and,
as is always the case, a bit of a disaster, but at least I am moved in! I am
definitely still in the process of working on the condo/getting settled but I
am excited to at least be in my new space (even if that does mean eating on the
floor for the moment because I don’t yet have a table or chairs haha). 



Spending time with my best friend

My best friend since the 8th grade came in from Ontario on Monday
night and we spent Monday & Tuesday hanging out in Vancouver. It was SO
great to be able to show her my new apartment, my city, and my friends in
Vancouver. One of the only things I miss about living in Ontario is getting to
see her all the time. She was a HUGE help and helped me get more settled in to
my apartment on Tuesday during the day. We also spent some
time at Kits beach, went for dinner, and went for Trivia at a local pub.



Spending time with my favourite tiny humans
After spending two days in Vancouver with Maddie, on Wednesday we headed over
to Vancouver Island where her two kids were spending time visiting their
grandparents. I spent Wednesday and Thursday hanging out with them there. We played in the park, swam in the lake, collected sea glass by the ocean, and basically just lived outside!


 my bikini: here


Dinner at Chambar
My parents were in town Friday through Sunday to help with the move. On Sunday night we
went to Chambar for dinner, which is one of my
favourite restaurants in Vancouver. I had the mussels & fries, my go-to
dish, and it was amazing as always. The mussels are gigantic and the
white wine broth is so. darn. good. For dessert my mom and I also split this
chocolate thing with a beetroot ice cream. I would never have thought I would
like beets in my ice cream but my goodness it was amazing. Just the tiniest bit
of tartness from the beets and the texture was so creamy. I am getting hungry
just thinking about it.



Forest walk
I know I already mentioned spending time with my goddaughters as one of my 5
things, but a particular walk through the forest with 6 year old Adelaide
totally deserves it’s own mention. On Thursday morning Maddie and I took the
girls on a walk to the starbucks (we were dying for coffee) and we took a
scenic 20 minute walk along the beach/through a forest to get there. Adelaide,
having longer legs than her two year old sister, walked with me pretty far
ahead. I’ve always said that getting a kid on a walk with you is the best way
to find out what’s going on with them as they just don’t stop talking. This was
so true of this walk. I almost never get to spend one-on-one time with
Adelaide, and doing so allowed me to learn so many things about her little life
right now (her favourite animal, favourite drink, what she thinks about dance
class, and her ‘difficult’ teeth); It was so fantastic to bond just with her.  


I Hope you all have had a great week so far as well! I am off now to a friend’s cabin for the weekend and I am so freaking excited for it! See you back here on Monday! 

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9 responses to “High Five for Friday #6”

  1. Happy Friday! Stopping by from H54F. Congrats on the move!! Love your fireplace! Hope you enjoy a fantastic weekend at your friend's cabin! xo – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Brittany S says:

    Congrats on the new condo- it looks really nice!! I am dying to come back to Vancouver!! I always love your pics!! Have a great weekend, pretty lady!


    • Lee T says:

      Thanks Brittany! It's definitely a work in progress.. I am still living surrounded by boxes haha… but I think it'll be great once im all settled in!

      Ahh definitely let me know if you come back so we can meet up!! Hope you have a great weekend as well!


  3. So glad you're finally moved in! The fireplace looks beautiful! The time you had with your friend and her kids sounds lovely too. Its so important to keep those connections!


    • Lee T says:

      Thanks girl! me too! moving is the worrrstttt.
      And thanks! The fireplace definitely was one of the big selling features for me. I just love it!



  4. So true about kids and walking… it's the best way to get inside their minds! I love your stories! Thanks for sharing at Friday FInds.. hope to see you again this week!
    Heather Wyancko

    • Lee T says:

      Totally! I find it's the only time their not focused on other toys, games, etc. so their little brains are just a fountain of talking haha.

      Thank you so much for hosting friday finds!


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