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December 18, 2015

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Makeup for work can be tricky. Today I wanted to share with you my work day makeup routine. There are two requirements I have: 1) The makeup needs to last all day, and, 2) it needs to take 10 minutes or less to apply. Here is my fool proof work makeup step by step:  

Work Day Makeup that Lasts All Day 

1. Skin/Base:


First, I start by applying Photo Finish Primer to my entire face. This gives my skin an even look and helps my makeup last all day.

Second, I apply pore professional to my nose. I have massive pores – and this product is a game changer.

Third, I apply erase paste underneath my eyes. I always seem to have dark circles (permanently sleep deprived!) and this covers them without sinking into the creases and looking cakey.

Next, I apply Estee Lauder Double Wear. This is seriously THE best foundation in the world. It is worth every penny. I tried it out last year after seeing so many beauty bloggers raving about it and now it is the only makeup I will use. If you are looking for makeup to last your whole work day this is definitely it. 

Finally, I apply my Makeup Forever powder & Agent Zero Shine. BOOM. Skin is flawless and will stay this way all day long.


2. Eyes/Eyebrows:


Next I move on to my eyes. Eye makeup should be kept subtle for the work place- so for me that means a mix of pale nudes, pinks & browns.

To get this “mix” I have always loved the convenience of eye shadow palettesbut I hate how there are always some colors I never use. The Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Kit has thus become my new favorite (makeup) thing. You can pick your own six buxom colors to customize your own palette. I have one of these for my workday makeup and one for
evenings/more fun makeup!

After applying my neutral eye shadow, I curl my  eyelashes then apply Annabelle pencil eyeliner in the thinest possible line I can draw. This is super cheap drug store eyeliner – but I have found it stays in place better than any of the expensive liners I have tried. It goes on really smoothly as well!

After eyeliner, I go for mascara. I am *obsessed* with the L’Oreal double extend – another drug store find. This cheap mascara is the best for elongating your lashes. I swear by the primer side of it! I also really like that the mascara side is that new formula of ‘tube’ mascara – so it makes removing my makeup at the end of the day so. much. easier. No more raccoon eyes!

Finally I move to my eyebrows. I have pencil thin eyebrows due to overplucking (thanks for that 7th grade me…) I love the Anastasia brow powder duo to fill in my brows. I find pencil fillers to be far too strong for the work place, whereas this powder just adds subtle fill/dimension in line with your natural brows. perfect. 

I finish up my eyebrows with a quick swipe of Anastasia’s clear brow gel. My eyebrows naturally point downwards, so I love this gel to just set all the hairs in the exact shape I want.



3. Lips:


Lipstick for work should be understated. There are two lipsticks that
I alternate between. They are soft shades and
they also are the best texture! These are NARS “Audacious” in “Anita” and YSL “Rouge Volupte” in “Opera Rose”. The
NARS by some crazy amazing miracle of science lasts me ALL DAY LONG.
Even when I drink my coffee with it on!



And done! That takes me between 5-10 minutes (…depending on how tired I am while doing it haha) I’ll put a recap of all the products I used below. I hope you all have an excellent Monday ahead of you. See you back here on Wednesday!

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Work Day Makeup Products:

Makeup Forever Powder 

Erase Paste
Photo Finish Primer

Pore Professional

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Agent Zero Shine


Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow 

Annabelle Eyeliner 

Anastasia Brow Powder 

Anastasia Brow Gel

L‘Oreal Mascara  


NARS “Anita”
YSL “Opera Rose”

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