10 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Office

January 15, 2016


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There are a number of things that every woman should have in their office. Having your office stocked and ready makes your life so much easier, and allows you to keep being the girl boss you are.

10 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Office: 

1. Spare Pantyhose:

Nothing puts a damper on your day then getting a run in your pantyhose and having to walk around all day with it. Having a spare pair of pantyhose in your drawer solves this problem. I love this brand because they are affordable & tend to be on the thicker side – ie. less prone to runs! 

2. A Basic Blazer:
You never know when you may have an unexpected meeting where you need to look more polished. A simple black blazer can be thrown on top of nearly anything in a pinch. My top picks for basic blazers are Halogen (very affordable) and Theory (higher end)

3. Blister Relief

Walking around in pain because of a blister is not fun. Keep a pack of these in your desk and ease the pain of any blisters you may have. (Also – if you are getting blisters you clearly have not read my guide to the best heels so do that too haha!)

4. Energy Bars:

Having these on hand are really just a benefit to all. They keep your colleagues happy (since you won’t get Hangry) and they can help you stay on track with your health goals – saving you from a post work “i-am-absolutely-starving-feed-me-everything” binge. I like Clif bars the best as they are lower calorie than most and are gluten free.

5. Tide to Go  

Don’t be that unfortunate soul walking around with a stain on their blouse all day. Keep a tide to go stick in your desk at all times.

6. Clear Nail Polish

The miracle product. Keep this on hand to touch up chipped nails, secure loose jewelry stones, seal an envelope, smudge proof a label.. it’s a fix all product! This is my favorite because its quick dry!  

7. Flats: 

Invest in a comfortable, classic pointed toe flat. You never know when your feet will want a break or when you’ll need to head out of the office on a quick errand. 

8. Spare Pumps:

By the same token, always keep a basic pair of pumps at the office. You may be wearing flats one day when you unexpectedly need to dress up more, or you may wear winter/walking shoes to the office and then realize, oops!, you forgot your heels at home. 

9. Make-up Basics:

Keep a small makeup bag with basics in your desk for any touch ups throughout the day. Personally, I keep  Revlon Pressed Powder, Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm & this Lipstick (in “Anita” – the perfect subtle shade!)

10. Blanket Scarf:

Office’s get COLD. The best way to stay looking office appropriate but get to be cozy is with a blanket scarf. See my top picks, below.

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