How to Shop the Nordstrom Sale if you are in Canada

How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from Canada

~Above are my favorite purchases from last year’s #Nsale~

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts Early Access on July 13th. Below are some answers to FAQ’s about the sale, and how to shop the Sale as a Canadian **note: this was updated as of 09/07/17**


What is it?


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka. the #NSale) is an annual sale in which Nordstrom releases new fall merchandise at
ridiculously discounted prices. This is different than any other sale out there, because these are not last season’s items. These are brand new items from some of the biggest designers (think Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Sam Edelman) that are on sale for a few weeks only before going back up to regular retail prices. This sale is thus the BEST way to do your fall shopping!


When Does it Start?


The #Nsale starts early access  July 13, 2017. The sale then opens to the general public on July 21st and runs until August 6th; with prices going back up to regular retail at that time.


What is “Early Access” & Can I Shop it?


Early Access runs from the 12th – 20th. To shop early access you have to be a Nordstrom cardholder. They have a credit card (obviously) but also a debit card – which operates exactly like your regular debit card, withdrawing from your bank account. Unfortunately, you cannot get a Nordstrom card without a U.S. billing address. I called and spoke with customer service at Nordstrom on the weekend to figure out if there was any way Canadians could shop early access to the online Nordstrom website without a card. Short answer? No. But don’t be disappointed – there are some things you can do!


What do I do then if I am Canadian?


There are two different options for you if you’re Canadian.


1) Shop Nordstrom Canada:


This year for the first time Nordstrom Canada does have early access to shop within the physical Canadian store locations starting July 18th. Similar to the US early access, to be able to take advantage of this early shopping (which you’ll note is not as early as the US, and is only 3 days before public access) you need to become a Nordstrom Credit Card holder. My two cents on this? I’m happy to see Nordstrom is at least trying to get something in place for Canadian’s to more easily shop the sale, but, considering it is not online and is only 3 days of early access, it’s certainly not the most amazing deal. Personally, I will be waiting to shop the first day of public access.


2) Have a Game Plan for Public Access Shopping:

If you don’t live near a Nordstrom Canada location or aren’t going to get a Nordstrom Canada credit card for early access, then your first day of eligible Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping is July 21st. Below are my tips to ensure you still get the items you want:


– Review the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog

The catalog is out now and lists a number of the items that will be part of the sale. Go through this now and make a list of the items you want – and put them in priority order. That way you can search for them one by one and add them to your cart right away on July 21st.


– Check your Favorite Fashion Blogs for NSale Posts

So many bloggers are obsessed with this sale, that chances are pretty good your favorites will do at least one (… or 5) posts on their picks from the sale throughout the early access period. This is another great way for you to see some of the items you may want to get come July 21st.
Check out my Top Wear-to-Work Picks from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

– Prioritize your Items

I know this sounds ridiculous, but items in this sale go FAST. The most popular items often sell out on the first day. So, once you know some items you already love (from the catalog & your fashion blog research) go and purchase those right away! You can shop the rest of the sale to see if there are other items you want after you have done that.

– Don’t forget the Canadian Dollar!

Once you are on the Nordstrom website you can go under the shipping tab and change your preferences to see the prices in Canadian dollars. This will help you make sure you stay on budget! Also, keep in mind that that shipping to Canada costs $9.95 (as a flat fee).

I hope you found this post helpful and I hope you get all the items you want! I’d love to hear about your wants/purchases – keep me posted via comments (here or on later blog posts.) I will be doing a updating my blog throughout the sale so be sure to check back frequently. As posts go live I will include their links below.

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      Thank you so much! And yes you definitely should check the sale out!! I just finished all my purchases (i'll have them up for review on the blog next week!) and I was definitely impressed with the deals!

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