5 Easy Work Outfits to Try When You Hate Everything in Your Closet

November 7, 2016


We all know the feeling. Those mornings you wake up, tear apart your closet, and end up with an “oh-my-gosh-I-could-bury-a-body-in-this-it-so-huge” pile of clothes on your floor. … and you still have nothing you want to wear to work.

Fear not, there are some tricks you can use to create an outfit you actually want to wear from the pieces you already have in your closet. Below are 5 easy work outfits to try when you hate everything in your closet. For each outfit, there is one key tip that you can use when you just need some work outfit ideas.

1. Wear a Bold Blazer & a Print (Full Post on the Below Outfit- Here)

cobalt blue blazer and snow leopard top outfit

Chances are you have at least one colored blazer (or cardigan) in your closet. Chances are that you likely wear it with white or black. Grab your bright colored blazer or cardigan and pair it instead with a printed top. You’ve just created a chic, bold, work outfit simply by “re-pairing” items of clothing that were already in your closet. *happy dance*

2. Opt for a Pleated Skirt (Full Post of the Below Outfit- Here)

office day outfit idea with a pleated skirt

Step away from your go-to pencil skirt. Pair whatever shirt you would normally wear with your trusty pencil skirt, with a pleated skirt instead. Pleated skirts are still office appropriate, but they change the entire silhouette of your work look.

3. Add a 1-minute DIY ( Here is the full post on this Embellished Collar DIY)

DIY jewelled collar shirt

Whenever I am in a blah mood. You know, the “every outfit I am picking out is boring” mood, I use this little trick. Simply take any button down shirt that you have in your closet and pin a pair of earrings to the collar. The touch of bling is still work appropriate, but it gets you out of your style rut!

 4. Go Monochrome (Full Post on this Outfit Here)

cream suit and cream blazer work outfit

Like most young professionals, I often wear a matching suit set and I use my shirt to add a pop of color to the outfit. This can get monotonous. To change things up, go for a monochromatic look from head to toe. A cream blouse with a cream suit, a black knit with a black suit, etc. The result is chic business casual.

5. Throw on a Sleeveless Blazer (Full Post of this Outfit – Here

what to wear with a sleeveless blazer

If your go-to pants and top are just not working for you, try adding a sleeveless blazer to top of the outfit. Or, if you were going to wear a blazer, try a sleeveless one instead. This is a great trick because it works all year long. In the summer you can wear a t-shirt underneath, as I did in the outfit above, and in the winter you can wear it with long sleeve blouse or turtleneck.

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11 responses to “5 Easy Work Outfits to Try When You Hate Everything in Your Closet”

  1. I really need to get a sleeveless blazer. Great tips!

  2. Netty D says:

    I love this post!

  3. I love your ideas! I've used stud earrings to add some embellishment to pockets and purses, but never thought of short collars, great idea! I also love #1 I'm going to have to go through my closet and find new pairings <3
    Xo Jannine | http://www.happystylishfit.com

    • Lee T says:

      Aw I am so so glad! It's so nice (and cool) to hear that people are getting ideas and getting inspired by my posts. So, thank you! And yes, totally try the studs on the collar its such an easy update!


  4. Sarah Bell says:

    WOW loving all of these looks – the earring studs in a button down shirt…genius!!!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  5. Natassia says:

    Great tips! Love the outfits! 🙂

    And gorgeous shoes! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  6. Love the tip about adding the earrings to the collar!

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