Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers

December 5, 2016

Monogrammed Notebook // Mug Warmer // “I survived another meeting that could have been an email” mug // Tech Gloves // Striped Personalized Business Card Holder

Desktop Organization Station // Keyboard Accessories (Wrist Rest, Mousepad, Mouse rest) // Pen Holder // Mason Jar Wall Decor // Monogram Mug

I think the most challenging recipients on my Christmas gift buying list each year are my coworkers. It’s tempting to go the route of a gifting a bottle of wine, or a starbucks gift card, but those are so generic and un-personalized. I try to find gifts that are more unique – but still in a decent price range. 

The above gifts are all items that are affordable (most are under $20) but they are more personal and allow you to show your coworker you like and appreciate them. Personally, I would love to have all of these items in my office! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. I finally played Christmas tunes for the first time over the weekend and have started getting in to the holiday spirit. Later on this week some of my closest friends are coming over for us to drink Christmas-y drinks, listen to Christmas music, and decorate my Christmas tree. I can‘t wait! 


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8 responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: Coworkers”

  1. Everyone in my office needs that coffee mug!! Great list.

  2. InMom Mode says:

    Co-workers are always the hardest to buy for! I loved all the coffee mugs, what a fun gift everyone will use. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. honestly the personalized mug is the best fit for a Christmas gift to your coworkers because most times you ran out of your ome without drinking any tea/coffee and you go to work you dont wanna have to use the mugs everyone is using you'd love to use your personalized mug and also that coworker will always remember you gave them it.

    • Lee T says:

      I'm so glad you like it! And I totally agree – it's nice to have your own mug at work, and it's even better when it reminds you of someone!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!<3

  4. alexie says:

    My secret santa is now sorted, thanks )

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