Olivia Pope Style (and why you should buy a winter coat now!)

February 27, 2017

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Coat c/o (also a Nearly Identical Coat) // Earrings // Similar Handbag // Shoes (also Nearly Identical Shoes)

I can’t get enough of the TV show Scandal. The show itself is amazing and Olivia Pope’s coat and handbag collections are out of this world. This long grey coat reminded me of something her character would wear. Given the price point of this coat I am really quite impressed with the quality. The material is so soft! Unfortunately the coat is sold out in most sizes in grey, but there are still plenty available in camel or black here. I’ll include all three in the widget below as well as well as a nearly identical coat.

With spring *almost* upon us, most people are packing away their winter coats and sweaters. But, now is actually the perfect time to buy a winter coat (or two!) Right now most retailers have their coats on sale, but still have pretty good availability in terms of sizing. Unlike many trends which change season to season, a classic winter coat is not something that will go out of style by next winter – making a winter coat the perfect item to buy at the end of the season.

In other news,what the actual heck happened at the Oscars last night?! That was the craziest mix up I have ever witnessed on live TV. I’ve gotta say though, my twitter feed following the error was pure comedic gold. I re-tweeted some of my faves, so be sure to check that out. Two key points though:

1) Doesn’t matter if this is the Monday-est Monday of all time, you cannot mess up more than that epic mistake… soooo, it’s a good day.

2) In all seriousness, how well did the Lala Land producer handle the whole situation?! He is officially #goals for classiness, maturity and calm under pressure. Kuddos to him.


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16 responses to “Olivia Pope Style (and why you should buy a winter coat now!)”

  1. Kay Elle says:

    I am obsessed with Oliva Popes coat and handbag collection too! It's too bad the one you are rocking is sold out, but I also like the camel one you linked! I have never purchased from Zaful, but I see they have some great pieces!!


    Kay Elle

    • Lee T says:

      She has the BEST styel right?! And ahh I know, I HATE that it sold out before I posted 🙁 I find Zaful to be one of the better of the 'cheap' online stores (and I've had clothes from pretty much all of them haha) This coat and the black over the knee boots I shared last week are definitely the highest quality pieces I have received from Zaful – they actually are surprisingly great – especially this coat!

  2. Sarah Bell says:

    So pretty! Love the grey coat and that purse! So classy and elegant 🙂

    Trendy & Tidy

  3. irene says:

    love the color of the coat! so pretty, totally agree with you

  4. Your grey coat is such a classic piece and so elegant! I do need to check out the coat sales so I'm ready for next winter!

    Doused In Pink

    • Lee T says:

      Thank you so much Jill! And totally! As much as it feels weird buying a coat right now, it really is the best time – next October you will be so happy with yourself haha

  5. LyddieGal says:

    What a stunning coat! I can't believe the price, and I love how you've knotted the belt.

    • Lee T says:

      Thanks girl! You need to go grab one stat before they sell out – its such a great coat for the price.
      And haha it's actually funny – I have no idea how I did that knot…. it just sort of happened and I was like "THIS LOOKS SO COOL I NEED TO TAKE PHOTOS STAT BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!" hahaha *im such a dork.

  6. YaYa R says:

    Great coat, but I need those earrings. LOVE them


    • Lee T says:

      Thanks girl! They are great earrings! i got them before Christmas and wore them a ton during holiday party season. I love that they're dramatic without being TOO over the top so you can dress them down for a more casual look. earring win, haha.

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