Mezzi Handbags & A New Pink Suit

March 13, 2017

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Pink Blazer // Pink Pants // Similar Shirt: (1), (2) // Mezzi Handbag // Watch c/o // Heels

January 2020 Update:

It has just come to my attention that Mezzi Handbags no longer exists. While I do not have all the details, I have been advised that they moved from handbags to cryptocurrency (… which you might think sounds odd/fishy, my thoughts exactly). Mezzi Holdings then announced a name change from Mezzi Holdings to Omni Commerce Corp in March of 2018, before closing their doors entirely. If you visit the website now you get a “page not found” error. It appears that the former CEO of Mezzi, Keir Reynolds, was brought before the British Columbia Securities Commission on allegations of insider trading. A settlement was paid by Reynolds. 

What a crazy story that I never imagined I would be talking about on a fashion blog, but it is worth alerting you to this so you understand why the Mezzi handbags no longer exist.

I have always wanted a pale pink pant suit, so when I saw this affordable suit come out as part of Express’ spring line, I literally ran to Express to buy it. I think every working woman should own at least one ‘fun’ suit; be that a pink suit like this, a three piece suit or a patterned suit. Anything that takes a classic suit and adds something to give it a stylish edge.


For this spring work day look, I paired the pink suit with my new laptop bag. This bag is hands down the best bag I have ever owned. This is the Ada laptop bag by a new Canadian company called Mezzi. The coolest thing about this laptop bag (as you can see in the photos) is the fact that there is a spare phone charger inside!! What the what! HOW has this not been thought of before? As someone whose phone routinely dies by 3pm this is an absolute game changer. I love that I can charge my phone while walking down the street. The other aspect of this bag that I really like is that it comes both with a short and long handle (again, you can see both in my photos above). I love the handheld strap for running between meetings- it looks so polished.

This whole outfit is definitely going to become a staple work look for me this spring and summer, and I can’t wait!


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Thank you to Mezzi for sponsoring this post.   

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21 responses to “Mezzi Handbags & A New Pink Suit”

  1. I love the structure of that bag! Very corporate with a hint of chic too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    • Lee T says:

      Agreed! I really like the company because they are all about designing bags that are ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL for busy women, but still look stylish!
      Thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. Gorgeous pink suit, looks fab on you, love the pairing of the patterned blouse. Jacqui

    • Lee T says:

      Thank you so much! I wanted to show that you dont need to just stick with a plain white top when wearing a colored suit – you can still incorporate patterns, so Im really glad you like it!

  3. Liz H. says:

    That suit is gorgeousssssss!!!! I want a pink suit lol! And that bag bag is so chic and practical. Happy Monday!


  4. Pink Suit is so awesome. Professional with hint of Pink chic attitude.

  5. Sarah Bell says:

    That suit is so gorgeous and I love the laptop case…so sleek!

    Trendy & Tidy

  6. I love this blush suit on you! Absolutely perfect for spring. I love how fresh it is and very feminine.

  7. Britta B says:

    This bag is SO perfect for you!! Love that it has the charger built-in

  8. What a professional chic look! The pink looks amazing on your skin tone! Very elegant and I love the bag too!


  9. It's a gorgeous bag and I've been wanting one for so long! I'm notorious for needing outlets everywhere I go for my phone so this would be a real game changer!


    • Lee T says:

      I'm the same way- my phone is constantly at 20% lol. ugh! This bag is beautiful – I definitely recommend it. If you have any questions about it feel free to reach out! XO

  10. What a fab outfit, you look great! I'm actually thinking about getting this bag, I don't suppose you know if it could fit a 15 inch laptop?

    • Lee T says:

      Thank you so much Maxene!! I actually don't (mine is a 13') but, I have 11×14 folders for work (so almost the size of a 15 inch laptop) so I will check when I get home from work if they fit and let you know!

    • Lee T says:

      Just checked and unfortunately it doesn't!! Only 13 inch laptops would comfortably fit.

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