Stylish “Rainy Day Approved” Items for Spring

April 5, 2017

Today‘s post is all about stylish raincoats, rain boots, and waterproof shoes that are wear to work / business casual appropriate. As you likely know, I live in Vancouver. 
Aka. rain-central
Aka. most-days-I-could-swim-to-work
Aka. what-is-the-sun-and-will-I-ever-see-it-again?

Needless to say; Vancouverites know our rainy day gear. It can be tough though to find items to wear to work when it’s raining that are stylish while still being work appropriate.

Luckily, designers over the past two years have really taken note of the need to have stylish rain gear. I’ve rounded up for you my top picks for raincoats, rain boots, and – most importantly (and difficult to find) water-resistant or water proof shoes that you can actually wear all day in the office. So, if you don’t want to commute in boots, or if you are fine commuting in boots but want your work-day heels to be water-resistant just in case you make a mid-day coffee run (because who doesn’t do that) then this is the post for you!
Happy shopping!

Waterproof & Water Resistant Coats:

Rain Boots:

Water Resistant Heels and Ankle Boots: 


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