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June 30, 2017


Happy Friday everyone! Last weekend I had the opportunity of doing a mini road trip through Vancouver with Ford Canada as part of their #GoFurther150 campaign. I was given the Ford Energi Fusion Hybrid and headed to one of Vancouver’s most famous art installations – Douglas Coupland’s Golden Tree.


Standing 43 feet tall, Coupland’s sculpture is a full scale replica of an 800-year-old Tree in Stanley Park that has been a tourist meca for years. Unfortunately the real tree was badly damaged in a storm a few years back. The tree became famous because, as you can clearly see, it has a gigantic hollow middle. You can fit a car inside the hollow opening! It was definitely an experience to stand inside and take in the gravity of it.



Next up on our day adventure we headed to one of my favorite Vancouver coffee shops; Milano. (…Because really, what is a day trip without coffee?!) Milano now has locations throughout Canada, but it’s roots are right here in Vancouver (woot woot!) In my opinion it is some of the best coffee you can get in the city! (And you may remember from this post what a coffee shop addict I am haha)


After grabbing some iced coffees and taking time to find some good tunes for our drive (the Ford Energi Fusion had an amazing sound system, I couldn’t believe the quality even at loud volumes) we headed to Robson Street to do a little shopping.



Robson street is a must-stroll if you are in Vancouver. It is marked by BC Place Stadium at one end and Stanley Park at the other. It is considered Vancouver’s best shopping (ie. a place after my own heart haha) I personally like Robson because it has a mix of big chain retailers, like Zara & Sephora, as well as local boutiques & pop-up shops.

After some shopping we headed to the Cactus Club Restaurant on Robson street. Cactus Club is a chain that was started on the West Coast and now has locations throughout Canada. They have a new signature drink this summer called the Frose Cocktail, so I knew I wanted to head there to try it. Needless to say, it did not disappoint! The meal we had was also delicious – I had a tuna club sandwich and truffle fries, and my friend Austin had the lettuce wraps. So good!


It was fun to spend a day playing ‘tourist’ in my own city. It’s so easy to take for granted what is in your own backyard; so getting out to see the Golden Tree and do some Robson street shopping was a nice treat.

Thank you to Ford Canada for sponsoring today’s post.

Thank you to Austin Mollins Photography for the photography. Be sure to check her out if you need photos in the Vancouver, BC area!

Oh and of course I couldn’t leave you without the details on my outfit! The top is a lookalike for this summer’s hugely popular JCrew top – but at less than half the price!!

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10 responses to “Travel | Exploring Vancouver with Ford”

  1. Weather was better than when I was there 2 weeks ago 😉 Robson street is very nice, I spent some time there and I had the chance to attend a party in the BC stadium … pretty cool 😉

  2. Looks very nice! Hope you can join my Fancy Friday linkup!

  3. What an adventure! The tree must of been magical, but I do like that they replaced it with something. Never been to Vancouver, definitely on my bucket list.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


    • Lee T says:

      It was definitely surreal – experiencing just how big the tree was! Ahh you need to make it out here for sure, there's so much to explore!

  4. Britta B says:

    Sweet ride! Love that is has an awesome sound system too. Ps. your top is adorable!!

  5. Yes, yes and Yes! I'll take a spin in that car…share the iced coffee and fries please and while you're at it I'll borrow that adorable top. Thank you for linking up with the Fabulous Friday!

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