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August 23, 2017


I think the reason I have always loved jewelry so much, is that it affords you the opportunity to change an entire look or outfit easily and affordably. When you feel like your clothes are boring, or you feel uninspired fashion-wise, a pair of earrings can change that. As a teenager I had to wear a uniform to school, so jewelry was how I could express myself. Not to mention that unlike buying new handbags and shoes, you can easily update your look with jewelry on a budget!


I love jewelry (especially earrings) even more now as a working professional. When your dress is code is limited, as it is for most women working in a corporate setting, jewelry can be a great way to express your personal style while keeping your overall outfit business appropriate.


As we move towards fall (and yes, I can’t believe I’m saying that already, eek!) there are so many great new earrings. The trends in earrings this season are numerous – which is great as I really think there is something for everyone!

The biggest trends are geometric pieces, bright colors, and tassel detailing. I’ve created three widgets below so you can shop my favorite earrings in each of these categories.

Which earring trend is your favorite? Will you be wearing any of these this fall?!


Geometric Earrings:


Bright Colored Earrings:

Tassel Detail Earrings:


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  1. These are my kind of earrings! Love them all!

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