New York Fashion Week – Day 3

September 20, 2017

Today I’ve got my third daily recap of New York Fashion Week. Day 3 (September 10th) was by far my busiest day. My blogger squad and I were out of bed by 6:30 pretty much every morning in order to get our hair and makeup done before starting in on the day’s runway shows & presentation.

Today was the earliest start however because the Francesca Liberatore runway show was at 9am. Getting up early for this show was definitely made easier by how excited I was for it!! I was actually given a front row
seat at this show, so I was over-the-moon about fulfilling one of my dreams to sit front row at a New York Fashion Week show.

The Francesca Liberatore show did not disappoint! Her spring/summer ’18 collection was full of incredible fabrics. From bold dark prints to lace the materials in this collection are bar-none. I swooned over almost
every single look! I’ve included some of my favorite pics from the runway show below:




Next up was the Dan Liu Runway show. Making both of these shows was a little nuts as they were back-to-back with Francesca being scheduled for 9-10am and Dan Liu for 10-11am. Luckily, both runway shows were held at Skylight, just in two different galleries, so I quickly booked it out of Francesca and headed in to see Dan Liu!

Dan Liu definitely has my vote for the coolest makeup and hair design of all of the runway shows I attended. The Dan Liu spring/summer ’18 collection was inspired by nature. The influences from the animal kingdom and the environment come through in every one of his pieces and the feathers used as part of the beauty for the models really helped bring this out. Below are some of my favorite looks!



The next runway show of the day was Leanne Marshall. I was really excited for this show as well, as I had seen photos and read reviews of her fall/winter collection that was shown at NYFW in February. Her pieces
were gorgeous, so I was excited to see what she would do with spring/summer weather.

This was the most unusual runway show of the ones I attended, in terms of the layout. The Gallery we were in for this show was laid out in a winding path rather than one straight runway. This meant that seating
was all over the room and models had very long walks. I wasn’t a huge fan of this layout, but luckily the collection itself was fantastic!

Leanne Marshall is always very into color. This collection used basically every color in the rainbow in a monochromatic look. The result was a really interesting and beautiful runway show. Also, to me the absolute best part of this show was the diversity. Leanne Marshall had women of all shapes and sizes in her show – something very rare for fashion week. What I especially liked about it was that while there were women who would have been a size 6, a size 14, etc., there were still women with the traditional model size 0 body type. Before anyone goes biting my head off for saying I liked that; let me explain.

I am all about the fashion industry embracing women who aren’t a size zero (I mean, hi, I am a very curvy size 6 woman, so clearly this interests me). That said, I worry about the pendulum swinging too far when I hear about shows or designers banning models that are size zero or are under a certain weight. To me, this does the exact same thing that excluding bigger sizes of women does – it sends the message that certain body types or sizes is okay, but others are not.

Two of my close friends are size zero. One of whom because she is just a friggin stick by nature, and the other because she has Crohn’s disease and gaining weight is a real struggle. I hate the idea of them
being sent the message that they are “too skinny”; that their bodies are not okay. What I want to see in the fashion industry (and what I am thrilled to have seen at Leanne Marshall) is a complete mixture. Women
really are size 0 and they should be shown. But, women are also short and size 12; tall and size 6; curvy and size 4… I want to see a fashion industry that accepts and embraces the idea that every body is

Okay, rant over. Back to Leanne Marshall. Below are some of my favorite photos from her runway show.





Are you exhausted yet haha?? Well, Day 3 is still going strong folks. Up next was the Vivienne Hu runway show – another one that I ended up absolutely swooning over.





What I loved about the Vivienne Hu spring/summer collection is the fact that it sticks with clean simple lines (in basically only black and white) but she adds interest to the pieces through unusual draping (off the
shoulder elements, slits in the sleeves or pant legs, etc.)

After the Vivienne Hu show was a launch party for the new line of a shoe brand; Lust for Life Shoes. This was held on a rooftop bar midtown; so the blogger squad and I had a blast just enjoying the view! The shoes were, of course, amazing as well, and we all got to go home with a pair from the new collection. Funnily enough, my girls and I ALL choose the exact same pair; gold metallic oxfords. They will be so fun to style this fall!

After that we ended up wandering around NY for a while before finally heading back to the hotel (with our 99 cent 2am New York pizza of course haha).

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Day 4!!

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