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November 27, 2017

As most of you probably know from my social media, I have 2 nieces and 2 goddaughters and I am beyond obsessed with them. They range in age from 5-10. It’s been an incredible journey being their aunt / godmother and I am beyond grateful for them – they are some of the best parts of my life.

Over the past two years or so I have really seen them go from young children to mini adults with strong opinions, strong likes and dislikes, and distinct personalities. Witnessing this has had me thinking a lot more these past few years about what role I can play in giving them the self confidence to be whatever and whomever they want to be.

I figured that many of you probably have young girls in your lives who you will be buying gifts for this holiday season, and who you likewise want to inspire. So, today’s gift guide covers gifts for young girls – focusing on gifts that I think are perfect for baby #GirlBosses. Gifts that encourage young girls to be confident and strong and pursue whatever passions they have. Here we go!

1. S’Well Water Bottle: You probably already know why S’Well water bottles are so great, so I won’t go into that. They do have kids water bottles now and this print is called ‘unicorn dream’… so perfect for young girls. Let’s get them helping the environment and keeping their bodies healthy with lots of water from an early age!

2. The Future is Female T-Shirt:
I am ordering this for all 4 of the young girls in my life. Such a great message and such a perfect shirt for a Christmas gift! 

3. Initial Heart Shaped Necklaces: Okay so there’s not some huge meaningful girlboss message behind these necklaces, but I do love that they are candy colored hearts where you can get each child’s initial. There is something to be said about giving girls something with their initial or their monogram – I think it helps reinforce the idea of them as one of a kind person. No one else is them and they can wear their initial jewelry to represent that.  

4. Stuffed Animals:
If any of the young girls in your life are still at a stuffed animal age (2 of mine are!) these NEED to be given as gifts!! These ethically made hand knit dolls are from Cuddle & Kind. The purchase of every doll provides 10 meals to children in need across North America. Not only will kids love these stuffies for how cute they are, but it’s a great way to start the conversation about the importance of giving back and helping create a better world. The two I’ve shown in the photo are just two of my favorite stuffies, but there are tons more including some pretty cool mermaids. Definitely one for every little girl’s tastes.

5. The Big Book of Girl Stuff: Such a great book for preteen girls. Think of it as a more modern day Judy Blume (… please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers Judy Blume!?!) This book tackles issues of importance for preteens and is a great way to open up a dialogue with young girls about the issues inside, including body image, self-confidence and liking boys! 

6.  Activewear Jacket // Activewear Leggings: I love the fun colors in this set, and every young girl needs great activewear to lead a healthy lifestyle!

7. Strong Girl Wall Art:  How sweet is this print!! This would be such a great gift and a perfect addition to any young girls bedroom.

8. Cinematic Light Box: I like the idea of this as a gift for preteen/ tween girls. It’s something that is more mature than toys or dolls, but inspires creativity. They can have this on their bedroom table or nightstand and change the message to suit their mood. 

9. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: I got this for my 10 year old niece Gracie for her birthday in October and it is now her favorite book! I am so happy she loved it, and I love overhearing her tell people about the stories she’s read and what’s she’s learned. She was telling my mom the other day all about Amelia Earhart!

10. Madeline Book and PJ Set: For younger girls that like Madeline, I couldn’t resist this matching PJ set and Madeline book! 

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