10 New Years Eve Dresses More Fun than Most Parties

December 15, 2017


With New Years Eve just over two weeks away, it is definitely time to get your NYE outfit! Today I wanted to share with you 10 dresses that are absolutely stunning and would be perfect for a New Years eve party. Heck, as the title of this post implies these are dresses that are way more fun than most NYE parties are!



The photo above is from a New Years Eve style post that Bree (The Urban Umbrella) and I did two years ago! Time flies. I have always loved New Years Eve for the excuse to wear a fun, sparkly dress. I am still not sure of what my plans are for this New Years Eve (… tell me I’m not the only one!? #ProcrastinatorOverHere) I do know though that whatever I do, I’ll be wearing a fun dress.


Do any of you have any New Years Eve traditions? I’ve been on pinterest way too much recently; and have seen a number of cool NYE traditions. Two of my favorites have been: 1) writing ‘messages in a bottle’ listing your favorite memories from the year, to be opened next NYE and;
2) a really fun party idea where you have to ‘recreate’ your favorite day from the entire year by wearing what you wore that day, or ordering the meal you had and bringing it to the party to share, etc. Let me know of any NYE traditions you have; I want to start some!

Okay, back to the fashion! Scroll through the images below (click on any to be taken to the dress) for my top 10 picks for New Years Eve party dresses.

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  1. I ordered a very pretty printed red dress! I love to wear dresses! Party or no party!

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