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December 13, 2017

There are so many great gift ideas for coworkers – ideas that go beyond the classic (over done) bottle of wine or Starbucks gift card. Check out this guide!

Let’s be honest, some of the hardest people on your gift-buying list are probably your coworkers! These are the people you spend a ton of time with, and hopefully there are some you really get along with who make your day better. They deserve a great gift this holiday season, and I’ve rounded up a series of gifts that would be great.

I also know that a lot of people do office secret santa and/or gift-stealing type of present games. I wanted to make sure I included a number of items here that would be great gifts for an office gift exchange – where you may not know who the gift is for and thus want something that would appeal to a number of different people. Here goes!

1. Minimergency Kit: This would make such a great gift for any of your female coworkers! I have one of these that I keep in my briefcase at all times. It has saved me on more than one ocassion. I recommend every woman carry one in their purse. Basically this is a kit of emergency essentials – from bobby pins, to earring backings, to double sided tape and a band-aid. Basically, this tiny kit has your back.

2. “I survived another meeting that could have been an email” mug:
But really though, what coworker wouldn’t get a kick out of this mug?! This is probably my favorite gift idea in this entire guide.

3. Phone Holder: This gooseneck clamp phone holder is especially perfect for an office gift exchange as it would be useful for so many different people and it is under $20. The great thing about it is it can hold any mobile device so it is versatile! 

4. Rose Gummy Bears Cocktail Kit: This is the cutest little kit I have ever seen. It’s designed for travel, but I think would be great to keep on hand in your kitchen. It makes a rose cocktail with all the necessary add-on’s; including sugarfina rose gummy bears.

5. “Drinking wine from a mug to keep things professional” mug: Hehe I know I’ve already got a mug in this gift guide but, come on, this is way too good!

6. Knick Knack Tiered Dishes: I love how beautiful this tray looks – it would be great for jewelry at home but also would work in an office setting. It looks way more expensive and luxe than it is – as it is under $40! Score!

7. Mug Warmer: This is a great little gift – and at under $10 it is ideal for anyone doing a office-wide gift exchange on a budget. Who doesn’t want to be able to keep their coffee warm as they drink it!?

8. Tea Collection: For any coworker that loves tea, this is a great little sampler collection. Highly recommended!  

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