5 Goals Every Career Woman Should Set for Herself in 2018

January 5, 2018

Inspiring other young women to pursue their dreams and succeed in their careers is something that is really important to me; and something that I strive to do both in my daily life and here on LegalLee Blonde. By providing you wear-to-work outfit ideas, I have always hoped that in addition to the practical fashion advice you also get a sense of general inspiration and empowerment. Today I really wanted to focus on inspiring you and so I am sharing 5 goals that I think every one of you career women should set for yourself this year.


1. Accept Compliments

This is #1 for a reason. It has been statistically shown that women are significantly more likely than men to brush away a compliment or try to minimize it in some way. When it comes to your professional life; this behavior can be damaging – without you even noticing. If you are an employee, listen in the next time your boss gives a male colleague a compliment. $5 says they simply say thank you. When said boss needs to pick an employee for a raise or a new assignment, that colleague who knows his worth will come to mind.


Whether you are being complimented by a boss (if you have one), a client who recognizes your hard work, or even another colleague, make it a goal this year to accept the praise. No minimizing the success. No passing the praise to someone else …. the classic “oh thank you so much, but Brenda did most of the work!”


Just. Say. Thank You.


Working to accept compliments is such a great goal because of it’s widespread impact. Not only will it assist in growing your career as others recognize your success, but you’ll quickly find it improves your self-confidence as well. The more your brain gets used to accepting compliments as they are given, the more your brain believes them to be true. It’s basically a self-confidence cycle that just keeps growing. Sit back and watch the changes that happen in 2018 when you implement this goal.

2. End One Bad Habit

Are you always 5 minutes late to work? *cough* me *cough* Are you always late in responding to emails? Do you fail to proof-read before you send out work product? This year, sit down and identify one small bad habit you have in your career and make it a goal to change that one thing. It’s less daunting and far more manageable than the classic “do better at work” goal.


3. Build One New Relationship

We all know the importance of relationships in career growth. This year make it a goal – a priority – to build a relationship with one new person that would be beneficial to your career. To be clear, I am not suggesting schmoozing or having a fake friend, rather, I am suggesting finding someone that you genuinely like and relate to that you can build a stronger relationship with. This could be a colleague, someone higher up than you, even someone in an entirely different career field- but who faces the same challenges as you. Spend 2018 building a relationship with this person. Bounce your goals and dreams off each other. Rant about your struggles. And, of course, celebrate your wins over a glass (or two) of wine. Having a listening ear is invaluable in growing your career and feeling emotionally happy and healthy in 2018.


4. Learn One New Area
No matter what field your career is in, I’m going to bet there are developments that happen, or changes that you can learn about. This year, make it a goal to learn one new “area” or take on one new challenge. As a lawyer like myself that’s easy – take on a new type of case, branch out into a different field of law. For others, this may mean taking an online course or attending a seminar on a topic relevant to your field. Whatever it is that best serves you to learn one new area – do that.


5. Find Your Anti-Career

Wondering what the heck I mean by that? Think of your anti-career as the one thing that you LOVE that is completely the opposite of your career. Most of us are not robots with blinders who only love one thing. Chances are that even if you love your career and your area of work is a passion of yours; it doesn’t satisfy every aspect of your personality. For example, you likely know how much I love being a lawyer. I talk about my nerdy lawyer-ness a lot. I genuinely love the academic challenges of the law, the interesting people I get to meet and work with, and the ability to help people. That said; I grew up acting and dancing and writing – basically a complete creative at heart.


For me, fashion blogging is my anti-career. It fulfills the aspects of my personality that the law doesn’t. By having an anti-career the mental clarity and dedication you bring to your main career will flourish. Your anti-career can be a side-gig like fashion blogging is to me (which is a nice way to earn extra income) or it can simply be a hobby that you are committed to making time in your schedule for no matter how busy things get – just as you would your main career.


Let’s do this 2018!!

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  1. T-dubs says:

    Wondering how I can make my anti-careers a career. lol Happy 2018!

  2. Love these goals you have! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nancy Baten says:

    Great goals! A few are totally mine!

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