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January 10, 2018

I know we are already 10 days into 2017, but I have had so much content that I’ve wanted to share with you all (my velour suit and my favorite Whole30 approved lunch recipe for example) that I am just now getting to share with you a round-up of the top posts from LegalLee Blonde last year. Did you catch all 5 of these posts?!

In other news- I am off to Los Angeles today and could not be more excited!! Follow along on instagram and twitter for updates on my trip… and to see which other fashion bloggers I am meeting up with while i am there! There are so many great women! Hints: one blogger has purple hair, one was my roomie at NYFW, and one shares a blog/instagram jointly with another blogger…. Any guesses who any of these women are?!

While you mull over those clues; let me get back to today’s post! Below are the 5 most popular posts on LegalLee Blonde from 2017.

#5: How To Wear Over The Knee Boots to Work

 This post being one of the five most popular LegalLee Blonde posts of 2017 definitely surprised me! I had no idea so many of you liked OTK boots or, more specifically, style tip type of posts. I’ll definitely be doing more of these this year. Be sure to click the title above to check out this post if you missed it! 

#4: Mezzi Handbags & A New Pink Suit

 The Mezzi handbags are definitely a cool item – they have phone chargers built in so you can charge your cell on the go. Brilliant right?! Sadly, they appear to no longer be making bags (or at least be on pause). I do LOVE this pale pink suit though and I’m glad that so many of you did as well! 

#3: Be an “And” Person 

 It warms my heart that this post resonated with so many of you. While I adore fashion (clearly!) it means so much to me that I have this platform and you – my dedicated and amazing readers – who allow me to share more than just fashion; and who allow me to inspire you and motivate you in your lives and your careers. I am truly, truly grateful. If you missed this post and don’t know what I mean by “an ‘And’ Person” check it out and let me know your thoughts! I hope I can inspire you! 

#2: Olivia Pope Style (and why you should buy a winter coat now) 

 I still wear this coat almost daily as my commuting to the office coat. I love how luxe it looks – but it was under $50!! I’ve updated this post with my top picks for coats that are available (and on sale) right now, so don’t miss out on that! 

And the #1 most popular post on LegalLee Blonde in 2017 was…

#1: 2017 Work Appropriate Fashion Trends


I love that this post was the most popular post of 2017! I love it because it is great to see that so many young professional women are interested in using fashion as a way to express themselves, even when at the office. There is nothing wrong with following fashion trends and being on the lookout for those that can be styled in a work appropriate way.

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  1. Beautiful outfits! I love that pink suit!

    • Lee T says:

      Thank you Nancy! The pink suit is a definite favorite of mine as well. I also just got a HOT PINK suit which I am in love with – I'll be sharing that on the blog in a couple of weeks!

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