Floral Pleated Midi Skirt & Mule Sandals (Linkup!)

May 7, 2018

aritzia outfit pleated wilfred midi skirt and crop topI am beyond excited to be sharing with you my favourite ‘weekend wear’ outfit for spring and summer! I am linking up with two other great bloggers (see below) to show you our takes on the sandals trend for spring. Continue reading on for more!

what to wear with a pleated skirt

Ruffle Crop Top // Pleated Midi Skirt // Mule Sandals // Rattan Bag

Before I talk about this whole outfit (and why I love it so much) let me talk about my sandals, since today’s trend spin link-up is all about sandals after all! My mule sandals are from Wittner, and I am officially calling these my go-to shoes for spring & summer. These are the DES mules, and they also come in 2 other colors.

The mule trend has been big all year long, but as we move into summer I am loving the neutral tones and open toe take on this trend. These shoes are just so darn comfortable, and being totally neutral, can be worn with just about any outfit!

crop top and midi skirt outfit ideaspring outfit idea floral pleated midi and crop topDSC_0726On to the rest of this outfit! I have never been a huge fan of crop tops, as I don’t personally like showing off my stomach. Now that high-waisted everything is so popular though, I have found myself reaching for crop tops more and more often. This white ruffle crop top took my breath away when I saw it and I bought it immediately! I like that unlike many tops that come in S, M, L, this actually comes in sizes (0-12) so you can get a more precise exact fit to your body. It fits true to size, I am wearing a size 6.

The skirt is another piece that I knew I had to add to my closet the moment I saw it. I love the floral print on the neutral tone skirt (of course) but what really sold me on this skirt is the unique pleating. I definitely have a thing for pleated midi skirts (see this white pleated skirt outfit and this burgundy satin pleated skirt outfit just to name a few!) What isis particularly unique about this particular pleated skirt though is the changing width of the pleats as the skirt lengthens. I love the look this creates!

aritzia ruffle crop top wilfred reviewDSC_0701Let’s also talk accessories. I wanted to really bring out the summer vibes of this outfit so I added my favourite bag for summer – my Bali Harvest Rattan Round Bag. This is one of the “it bags” for summer and I actually was so impressed with the quality for the price. I love the little bow detailing at the closure as well.

And then for my sunglasses! Sunglasses are something I never spend a lot of money because I am a huge klutz and know that the chances of me sitting on them in my car, being a huge hand-talker and accidentally throwing them across the room, or forgetting they are on my head whilst cannon-balling into the ocean are all way to real. (… I’ve actually done all three of those things at least twice each. #embarrassing)

So, when I came across these on-trend plastic sunglasses with little orange flower accents for under $30 I was sold! They compliment this skirt especially well in my opinion.


I cannot wait for the weekend to wear this outfit again! My mom is coming to visit me from the East Coast for Mother’s Day weekend, so I am really excited for some mother-daughter time. The older I get the more I realize my mom is right about pretty much everything, and the more I enjoy spending time with her. Your thirties are weird for that right?!

My mom and I have plans for brunch and shopping on Sunday so I think this will probably be my outfit for that. Well, maybe this outfit but with a handbag ‘borrowed’ from my mom haha. The woman has the best handbag collection and I always seem to ‘borrow’ one every time she comes to town. It’s not my fault they mysteriously remain in my closet after her visit right?! haha.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions about this outfit! I’d also love to hear about your Mother’s Day plans in the comments below. And if you’re a blogger, join us in the link-up and let’s see your favourite sandals for spring & summer!


Walking in Memphis | The Fashion Canvas | LegalLee Blonde

The featured bloggers are According to Q and A Classic Ambition because we loved their Dressy Looks from last week’s linkup!

Add your link below and make sure to follow the theme for your chance to be featured. Next week is all about Spring Skirts & Dresses!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that skirt! It is so sweet. Summer gets me excited for all the floral prints!



    • Lee says:

      Thank you so much! It is definitely a favorite of mine for sure. I am so excited about this spring/summer weather we are finally starting to have!

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful outfit! The long floral skirt is gorgeous and pairing with those mules is perfect! Keep it on 😉


  3. alishataneja says:

    You look so pretty! Love the outfit

  4. Quaneshia says:

    Thank you for featuring me!!

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