July Favorites

July 29, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! With July almost over and the fact that I’m heading out on my Croatia/Montenegro trip tomorrow, I wanted to recap my July a little bit by sharing with you some of my favorites from this month. Leave a comment letting me know if you like this post idea and, if so, I’ll try to do one every month! I’d also love to hear what some of your favorites have been this month!  Let’s get to my July favorites:



Alice & Olivia Blazer – This was a huge splurge for me, but I firmly believe that it’s worth investing in classic pieces and this black blazer is just a stunning piece that I know I’ll be wearing for years. I love the shoulder detail – it’s trendy but not so trendy that it will go out of style in the near future. I can’t recommend it enough!

Tie Neck Dress – I styled this dress in this work wear post and have been wearing it to work non-stop ever since. I love that this works so well for July but I can also picture wearing it this fall and winter.

Mint Button-Front Dress – If the tie-neck dress has been my go to for work, then this mint dress has been my go to on the weekends. It is so affordable and the perfect little ‘throw on and go’ piece.

Sam Edelman Platform Sandals – I took these on my LA trip and they passed the ‘walking everywhere all day every day on a trip’ test. That is some mighty high praise for a pair of sandals!

Rose Gold Flats – As much as I love heels, these flats have been a favorite this month. They’re comfortable but chic enough to look office appropriate.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation – YOU GUYS. This foundation is everything. Y’all know my love for my Estee Lauder double wear, but it is pricey. So, when I ran out of it earlier this month I thought I would try a cheaper foundation (to take with me to Europe) and then go back to Double Wear in the fall. I stumbled upon this Infallible Foundation and cannot believe how good it is, when it is under $15! The coverage is as good as my Double Wear and it does last me all day. This may be my favorite beauty find ever!

Jelly Beam Highlighter – You may recognize this highlighter from my Spring Makeup Look Video – it is incredible! The highlight is so pigmented and beautiful that I have been wearing this all month. I love a glowy look for summer so I’ve basically just been wearing foundation, highlighter, eyeliner and mascara.

Vintage Inspired Luggage – I have been wanting to get new luggage for ages (I have so many random mismatched pieces) and finally pulled the trigger earlier this month and got this vintage inspired set. I am obsessed!


Life Moments:


Los Angeles Trip – Definitely one of the best things for me this past month was my trip to LA. Some of the best highlights were probably meeting up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in twenty years and getting lost with Jess (Miss Moore Style) for nearly an hour as we tried to find this hidden swing in a park haha.

Visiting Family in Ontario – If you follow my instagram, you no doubt were majorly spammed last week with 1000 kid videos haha. Getting to spend an entire week at my parents house with both my brother and one of my sister’s also visiting was honestly so wonderful. I got to spend time with 6 of my 7 nieces/nephews! I also went in to Toronto to visit friends and it was such a nostalgic experience being back where I lived for 5 years while I did my Master’s Degree and Law School.

Lawyer League Softball – The lawyer league I play softball in started up again this month; and I am having a blast. This is my second year playing and while I am so unbelievably terrible at sports, it is so much fun. Definitely a July favorite.


Reading/Watching/Eating, etc.:


Drop Dead Diva – Does anyone else watch this show?! It’s fairly old and has 6 seasons, but I only just discovered it on Netflix. How did I not know about this show!?!?!?  The main character is a bubby lawyer, it’s basically like finding my spirit animal haha. I have binged 3 seasons already, and it’s only been about 3 weeks. #Addicted

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie – I have been on such a blueberry coconut kick lately! I have been making a blueberry coconut smoothie for breakfast almost every day this month. I blend up a frozen banana, cup of frozen blueberries, coconut chunks, coconut extract, coconut milk, hemp seeds & chia seeds, and a spoonful of honey. It’s delicious!

Crispy Chickpea Tacos – My friend shared this recipe with me at the beginning of the month and I’ve made it for dinner quite a few times already. I even made it / brought it  for a picnic on the beach and it was such a hit – even among the meat-eaters in the crowd. Definitely worth a try.

My Favorite Murder – This podcast is hilarious and dark and all kinds of amazing. Do you listen to it?! If you like True Crime you definitely need to check this out. I’ve been listening to episodes every day on my drive to/from work (… because apparently I’m a wierdo and despite being a criminal lawyer and dealing with crime all day, I still want to listen to crazy murder stories in my spare time haha)

Have a great week everyone!! Don’t forget to share with me your July favorites below!

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24 responses to “July Favorites”

  1. Cathy says:

    Sounds like an amazing month! I love that tie dress, and that luggage is fabulous!


  2. I need to try that foundation and highlighter asap! x

  3. I am in LOVE with that Alice & Olivia blazer! Such a staple piece for Fall!

  4. OMG, that Alice + Olivia blazer is madness. Adore. And I love the vintage inspired luggage as well. I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts so I’ll have to add My Favorite Murder to the list!

    • Lee says:

      Isn’t it stunning! It literally took my breath away when I saw it in the store.
      OOO totally check out my favorite murder; let me know your thoughts!

  5. Phoebe says:

    Your rose gold flats are so pretty. I love all kinds of flats because they are convinient and fashion

  6. adriana says:

    Love your picks! That highlighter looks amazing and I LOVE that luggage!

    • Lee says:

      Thanks girl! The highlighter really is incredible- I’ve never seen anything so pigmented! It’s pricey though- but so far seems like a good investment because you use so little each time (one dab on your finger and that’s it)

  7. Your blueberry coconut smoothie sounds amazing. I’ve been on a huge smoothie kick lately!

    • Lee says:

      It’s soo good: you should definitely try it, especially if you’ve been loving smoothies lately as well!

  8. Laura says:

    It sounds like you had a very good month! I love your vintage inspired luggage and all your trips sound so fun!

    xo, Laura

  9. I am LOVING vintage inspire luggage. Maybe E will get me a carry on for our wedding anniversary?!
    xo Jessica

    • Lee says:

      It’s so beautiful right!!! And ahh fingers crossed for you girl, that would be an awesome anniversary present!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I am dead for that luggage! WANT!!! I need to watch Drop Dead Diva!! I’ve always heard people RAVE about it! (I prefer to watch shows off the air so I can binge them and not have to wait LOL!)

    • Lee says:

      It’s so beautiful eh! I never thought I’d be so excited about luggage, lol, but it’s so pretty! And yasss totally check out drop dead diva!!

  11. Sam Edelman shoes have been my go-to for the past year. The shoes are always stylish and super comfortable.

    Iesha aka Lesh

  12. Great list. I love hearing about people’s favorites. And yes that foundation is amazing. I prefer the “glow” versus “matte” though for more of a dewy complextion, but it doesn’t last quite as long as the matte finish. It’s my favorite! Thanks for sharing.

    • Lee says:

      Aw thanks girl! I think I will do a favorite list again- people Seem to like it, plus it’s a fun way for me to reflect myself on the month!
      Ahh I’m glad you like the foundation as well! I definitely need to try the glow as well!

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