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September 30, 2018

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After trying out this “monthly favorites” thing for July, and hearing such positive feedback from you guys, I definitely wanted to keep it going. I missed August because August was basically an entire month of traveling insanity (see my posts on The Yacht Week & Dubrovnik, Croatia to see what I mean!) I am back at it now though and am bringing you my monthly favorites for September 2018.

Fashion / Beauty:

Botox – As some of you may know I get Botox to deal with the lines in my forehead from years of being a ridiculously expressive talker. I go every 3 months-ish normally but realized 2 weeks ago (after watching one of my instastories and seeing my forehead) that i hadn’t been in since April. I was lucky enough to get an appointment a few days later and am so happy with the results. I swear by Botox and this is definitely a monthly favorites for September 2018. I’ve got an entire post on my experience with Botox & Botox FAQ’s if you want to read more about this :).

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick “Wrong Number: Sheer” – My go-to lipstick for everyday for over a year has been Urban Decay Naked and while I do still love it, I tried Wrong Number from their sheer collection this month and am hooked. It’s a similar nude/slight enhancement of my natural lips but I love the change up from matte color. The sheer has a bit of shine which I think makes me look younger and more natural. I highly recommend it.

Run Oprah Run Sweater: You may have seen this sweater as part of my New York Fashion Week outfits. I love it beyond words. With the US political climate what it is, let’s all just get some joy from the thought of Oprah running in 2020, shall we?

Alice & Olivia Dress PantsThese pants were a splurge, but they are worth every penny! I picked these up in New York and have worn them to work at least 5 times since i got back. While I do love my affordable fashion, you really can tell the quality at this higher price point. These pants are the perfect slimming fit (not too tight, skimming your legs) and the waist sits high up at your natural waist and doesn’t gap or stretch. These pants are fantastic! Below is a photo of me wearing them – I’ll have this full look up on the blog next week!

monthly favorites for september 2018 - alice and olivia pants

Burgundy Statement Earrings – I shared this earrings in a (rare) selfie I took and uploaded to my Like to Know It app page. (Follow me in the app for more content – I share outfits and jewelry there that I just don’t get to share on my instagram!) I am so in love with these for fall! The burgundy color is right on trend, and the gold beading is just so beautiful! I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how well made these are as I usually find statement earrings like this break or are just too heavy to wear because of how they are made. These have been holding up really well!

monthly favorites for september 2018 burgundy statement earrings aldo

Faux Marble Ring SetI still love marble accents & details, especially when paired with gold, so when I spotted this under $10 faux marble ring set, I got it immediately. I love, love, love these rings! Easily one of monthly favorites for September 2018.

Sequin SkirtAhh the skirt I cannot stop wearing. I wore it three different times just during fashion week, I love it that much. I’m going to take a break from it (don’t want my other skirts to feel jealous and throw a coup) but this will be back in big rotation during the holiday season. How perfect would it be with a cozy knit sweater! Or with a red blouse or sweater for a holiday party!

Leopard Blanket Being sick at home for 5 days after New York Fashion week, I basically lived in this blanket. This is by far the softest blanket I have ever touched. The fact that it is a pretty leopard that looks great for fall is an added home decor bonus.

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Life Moments:

New York Fashion Week – I had an amazing time in New York, and the entire trip was definitely my favorite moment from September. You can check out all my day by day recap posts if you want to read about it!

Family Time – My sister Sarah was in town with her two kiddos over labour day weekend and it was great getting to see them. My sister and I don’t get to spend much one on one time together (and by much I mean it’s been years) and one night we were able to grab a bottle of wine and just chat for ages which was so, so great. I also loved spending time with my niece and nephew, who are such interesting and hilarious tiny humans. This past weekend I also got to spend time with my brother and his two girls, Maia & Sally, and it was such a blast.

Reading / Watching / Eating:

Vox by Christina Dalcher – I have been on a major reading bender this month ( a ton of flights and 5 days sick at home will do that to ya haha). I’ve read 3.5 books this month, and this one was definitely my favorite. If you like Handmaid’s Tale, you will love this book. It’s a dysptopian future and is very Margaret Atwood-y. The plot is that the American government has slowly stripped away women’s rights in an effort to return to “the good old days” and part of this includes women being fitted with bracelets that monitor their talking – women are only allowed to speak 100 words a day. This books is just close enough to what could happen that it is an incredible (and therefore terrifying) read. 5/5 stars!

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine – Some fellow bloggers had recommended this book, so I decided to check it out. I really enjoyed this book. It’s an easy ‘beach read’, if you will, but the twists and turns are so good. I am usually good at predicting what is going to happen next in a novel and the big twist at the end of this I just did not see coming at all. This book follows Amber Patterson, a woman who wants to have a rich husband and the life she feels she deserves, and Daphne Parrish, the beautiful woman married to wealthy Mr. Parrish who seems to have the perfect enviable life. Amber sets in a motion a plan to take Daphne’s place as the new Mrs. Parrish and what ensues will keep you on edge – this one is a darky and twisty page turner! 5/5 stars!

Atypical (TV Show) – The second season of Atypical was released on Netflix this month and I have already binged the whole thing. This show is funny while still pulling at your heart strings. The main character in this show is Sam, a 17 year old who has high-functioning autism. The show focuses on the family and somehow while being fictional it does a great job of making you feel like it’s a real look at family, at being a teenager, and the general messiness of life and love. If you haven’t seen it, check out both seasons on Netflix!

That’s it for my monthly favorites for September 2018! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below; and if you’ve got any book or TV recommendations for me definitely let me know!

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20 responses to “September Favorites”

  1. Torey says:

    I love Atypical! It’s one of my favorite shows for sure. I was so excited to see the second season, I’m not all the way through yet though. x

    • Lee says:

      Ahh it’s so so good. You will love the last episode (or at least I did!) I’m already excited for season 3 haha.

  2. tanviidotcom says:

    I too love Atypical. I was waiting for the Season 2 and then I sat and binge watched it all. The characters are super funny indeed.


    • Lee says:

      It was such a great season right! I was worried they would loose steam after season 1, that maybe it was the kind of show best left at 1 season, but I think they did an amazing job. I’m excited for season 3!

  3. Need to jump back on the Botox train! Thanks for the reminder gal! And that leopard blanket is beautiful – great find!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    • Lee says:

      You’re so welcome! And isn’t it gorgeous! I wish you could feel it through the computer screen lol. It’s the softest thing!

  4. Stephani says:

    Loving your favorites!! I want that leopard blanket!!! So perfect for lounging around the house!

    Xo, Steph

    • Lee says:

      It really is! It’s so soft and it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I ordered it online, so that’s a huge plus as well!

  5. Oh those earrings are so cute, I love the selfie! Oh that leopard blanket is cute, I have been looking for a new one!

  6. Liz says:

    What a fun post! Loved the oorah sweater and sequin skirt, of course!

  7. Laura says:

    I haven’t tried Botox yet but feel like I may need to soon because of my frown lines. Loved your Run Oprah Run sweatshirt and so happy I got to finally meet you in person during NYFW!

    xo, Laura

    • Lee says:

      If you decide to do it and you have any questions, just let me know! I love it.
      And aww so good to meet you too babe!!!

  8. Omg I love your faves! I need these earrings!!

  9. anniewearsit says:

    I’ve heard Vox is super good, I’m going to have to pick up a copy!

  10. Jessica Weinberg says:

    We have been BINGING Atypical. It is sooooo good!
    xo Jessica

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