NYFW: Day Two

September 18, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m back today with day 2 of my New York Fashion Week recaps. Be sure to check out NYFW Day 1 if you missed it. As a reminder; for each post I’ll share a review of the show(s) from that day, a recap of the events and fun meetings, and then I’ll share what I wore. Don’t miss my outfit at the end of this post – I have never received more compliments from strangers than in this outfit!


Today was another day that was packed full of meetings and events, but I only had one show. I actually really like only having one or two shows a day. Today I had the runway show for AFFFAIR. AFFFAIR is a clothing brand based in Istanbul that has recently been taking the American market by storm. AFFFAIR focuses primarily on statement dresses; and they truly were works of art.

See what I mean?! I love the lace overlay details. I also love how distinct each of the black dresses are, even when they use the same materials. They are so unique!



The inspiration drawn from the brand’s home city of Istanbul also adds a really beautiful element to this collection that really impressed me and, in my opinion, stood it apart from many of the other collections at New York Fashion Week.




I also love the color choices by AFFFAIR. Most dresses are solid color, but a few combined complimentary colors (such as the two to the right mixing greens and blues) which looked beautiful as the sequins moved.

The gold outfit in the centre really stood out to me as well – I love the choice of pants over a skirt. I personally almost never wear skirts and love seeing dramatic pants. The laid back detail of the hole in the knee contrasted with the dressy sequins was really surprising!

*photos c/o AFFFAIR*





WWD x Samsung- Kate Spade Event:

Women’s Wear Daily teamed up with Samsung to put on a number of events during NYFW. The one I was able to attend, one I was so excited about, was a Q&A with Anna Bakst, CEO of Kate Spade, and Nicola Glass, Creative Director of Kate Spade. The event started out with a big screen showing of Kate Spade’s SS19 collection; and it was beautiful.

A few models were then brought out wearing a couple of Anna and Nicola’s favorite pieces so they could discuss each. As you can see below, the bold colors and prints you have come to expect from Kate Spade are still in full force; but with a very 60’s vibe for this new collection.

My personal favorite part of the Q&A was hearing Creative Director Nicola Glass’ definition of who Kate Spade is designed for; who the Kate Spade customer is. She said (I’m paraphrasing) that the Kate Spade customer is a woman who loves life, who is hardworking and is deeply passionate about what she cares about in the world, but also loves to laugh and dance. She loves color and glitter and isn’t afraid to stand out from a crowd.

Eliza J Showroom Visit:

If you have been around LegalLee Blonde for a while, you may know that one of my favorite dress designers is Eliza J. I have worked with them a bit over the past year and am always floored by how great their dresses are; especially at their price point. Today I was able to visit the Eliza J showroom in Manhattan and it was amazing! I was able to see all of the new collection; even before the buyers! (They were coming in the next day). I was also able to try on a number of dresses and order some of the new collection to be shipped as soon as the dresses are ready (stay tuned!)

Ps. This dress is one from their current collection! You can shop this floral tie neck dress here.

I also wanted to share with you my favorite Eliza J dresses from their current collection. Check them out below:


Lulu’s Party:

One of my favorite parties from last year was the Lulu’s Style Studio party. This year, Lulu’s brought their A-game again – the party was amazing! The drinks and appetizers were delicious, the DJ was great, and they had so many fun pop up booths from brands like NYX. They also had a boutique in one corner and each blogger was able to go and pick out a dress and earrings to take home as a gift bag. I went with a black lace spaghetti strap dress; I’ll share it on my instagram soon!

To be honest, I had so much fun at the party that I failed to take photos! *oops* Below is the only photo I snapped, but let’s be honest, the drink menu was so worthy of a snap haha.

What I Wore:

No New York Fashion Week post would be complete without sharing what I wore! I love love love that NYFW affords me the opportunity to step out of my work wear and create really fun, bold outfits. The outfit I wore for the majority of today (I switched for the evening parties) is my favorite from all of fashion week.

I love when I can use an outfit to express my personality (sparkly), my feelings at the time (wanting to by comfy) and also express a message that is important to me.

legallee blonde sequin midi skirt and 'run oprah run' sweater

The moment I saw this Run Oprah Run sweater I knew I had to have it. I would love to see a world in which we had a female president of the US; and let’s be real, Oprah would not be half bad! Run Oprah Run!

I have never received more compliments from strangers than I when I wore this outfit – and not just in the fashion week environment. I took the subway a couple of times in this outfit and kept being stopped by people wanting to tell me how awesome it was. People even stopped me to high five me! It was honestly such a surreal and fun experience.

run oprah run sweater

Shop the Run Oprah Run Sweater here:

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  1. Cathy says:

    What a fun day! I love Elliza J, they have such pretty dresses!!


  2. Gahh! I remember seeing you at one of the shows! I adored your outfit! Such a great day!

  3. kileen says:

    The show looks absolutely incredible, I am loving all of those amazing dresses!! Love your outfit too!

    cute & little

  4. Megan says:

    That leopard dress from Eliza J was made for you! Looks like you had such a fun fashion week!

  5. Oh my gosh these shows look like so much fun! I love that leopard dress it’s so stunning on you!

  6. Liz says:

    Such a fun day! Loved going to (most of) the shows and events with you (even if I wasn’t feeling well lol!).

  7. miriam says:

    wow your pics look amazing! i wish i was at nyfw! obsessed with your sequin skirt!

  8. Jessica says:

    What a gorgeous collection! Love your sequin skirt dear, they look fab on you!

  9. Brooke says:

    Loving the looks you shared from the fashion shows! Also, totally obsessed with your sequin skirt!!

  10. Kristina says:

    All these shows & events look like so much fun- NYFW is still on my bucket list!

  11. Sara says:

    I LOVE Eliza J dresses and can’t wait to see what their Spring collection looks like!

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