New York, a Taxi Handbag, & an Adventure

October 4, 2018

The moment I saw this taxi handbag, I fell in love with it. I’m always a sucker for fun statement bags, but this one really caught my eye because to me it embodies New York City. The adorable yellow taxi cab gives me all the feelings NYC does – joy, a nervous excitement, and yes the most-over-used-word-that-I’m-going-to-use-anyway; wanderlust. All of which are quite fitting because this taxi handbag and I had quite the little adventure one day in NYC….

My Skirt // Similar Skirt (under $50!) // Sports Bra // Nike Runners (my new faves) // Taxi Cab Clutch

I wore this outfit one morning in NYC when I had a few hours before fashion week shows and meetings. It’s so rare that I get wear the athleisure trend ( #LawyerLife ) so I was really excited to embrace the opportunity and wear this outfit. When it comes down to it fashion really is just an adult version of playing dress up, and I like to remember that and just have fun with my outfits in my free time.

To experiment with the athleisure trend, but still feel true to myself and my style, I decided to pair a sports bra and runners not with the expected high-waisted joggers; but with a pleated midi skirt. One of my favorite trends over the past year (because hellooooo practicality) has been the trend of wearing running shoes with everything from suits for work (check out this outfit if you missed it), to little black dresses, to midi skirts. So I decided to mix that with the athleisure trend and the result was this outfit.

All in all I’m really happy with this outfit I created. It feels ‘athleisure trendy’, but still feminine / me, and it gives me all the New York feels. Speaking of which…. let’s discuss the ridiculous adventure of this day:

As I said I headed out in this one morning while in NY for fashion week, ready to explore the city for a few hours. Naturally, the first thing I did when I walked out of the hotel was try to hail a cab.

… Try being the operative word here my friends. Let me tell you, trying to get a free taxi during morning rush hour in NYC is like trying to find a Prada Saffiano bag for under $400. #ItAintHappenin’.

After nearly twenty minutes of wandering this one area trying desperately to get a taxi, I see a taxi pull over but it has to young women in the backseat. Confused I tentatively walk over and one of the women rolls down the back window and yells “I love your outfit, if you’re going uptown, so are we; so you can hop in and join us!” The cab driver didn’t seem thrilled about this but he let me in anyway. I told everyone I wanted to go to Central Park; and luckily the other women were going relatively near there.

During the cab ride (which took forever because again, New York traffic *ugh*) I chatted with the two women who both, it turned out, work in fashion for a PR company and were just headed to work for the day. They loved my taxi handbag and we kept passing it back and forth between us for them to look at.

We hit Central Park before their stop, so out I got and headed about my merry way. I went to the infamous LOVE statue, went and checked out a couple coffee shops, and then just wandered through part of the park.

It was then, maybe a half hour after getting out of the cab that I realized, I DIDN’T HAVE MY TAXI HANDBAG. Panicked, I assumed I put it down at one of the coffee shops I went to, so I literally RAN through central park going to each coffee shop. (Side note: I cannot tell you how many times I thanked the universe for my choice of outfit for the day – being in runners was the greatest thing ever.)

In order to really paint you a visual here, I should probably tell you that I run like Phoebe in that episode of friends where her & Rachel decide to go running together. …. Yeah, I am basically a flailing blonde disaster on two legs that refuse to move in any path that resembles a straight line.

So here I am flailing my way through Central Park, skirt blowing in the wind, and after retracing all my steps I come to accept that I did not in fact leave my taxi handbag anywhere I stopped near Central Park. I must have left it (or had it stolen) from the taxi I was in.

Luckily, I didn’t have my money/ID in the taxi handbag (… again this outfit reeeeeally proved it’s worth; because I had a sports bra on I had tucked my cash and ID into my sports bra). So while I was bummed about the bag, at least that was all I had lost.

Moping I made my way home and headed out to my fashion week events for the day. The first two events were so fun that by the time I got to third my sour mood over my bag had almost lifted / I had almost stopped thinking about it… when I ran into one of the women from my taxi!

She saw me from across the room and came running over to me excitedly. Your bag! Your bag! She yelled. Sensing my confusion, she says. “You left your taxi handbag in the taxi when you got out and we didn’t notice it until we’d already pulled away. We had no way of contacting you to let you know but we hoped we might see you at an event at some point this week so we could return it.” Thinking that, in and of itself, was basically the sweetest thing ever I was about ready to thank her and hug her when she pulled out her cell phone.

While opening her photo gallery she says to me “we didn’t want your taxi handbag to be “left out” when you were out on a fun NYC day so we took it everywhere with us today and TOOK PICTURES!!”

I started laughing out loud as she started scrolling through photos of my taxi handbag on the counter at Starbucks with her morning coffee, my taxi handbag sitting on her bosses desk while her bosses’ back was turned, and even my taxi handbag sitting on a front tow chair at the Carolina Hererra runway show (a show I did not get an invite to by the way lol)

After getting my uncontrollable laughter (there may have even been some snorting) under control, I thanked her so much for taking such good care of my bag and got my oh-so-well-travelled taxi handbag back.

In summary:
1) There are still some really decent human beings out there;
2) There are still some hilarous/oddball/my weird sense of humor human beings out there;
3) My taxi handbag officially had a more exciting Sunday than I did.

Alright briefly let me get back to fashion before I close this post: I hope you love this athleisure/feminine combo outfit as much I do. My skirt is from Aritzia, but I found a similar one under $50 that I included in the widget below. I’ve also (obviously) linked the rest of my outfit including the taxi handbag. Promise me if you order one you’ll take a picture of it some place odd and share it with me, okay?!

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24 responses to “New York, a Taxi Handbag, & an Adventure”

  1. Rach DiMare says:

    OMG what a great story! 1) that taxi handbag is amazing and so glad you got it. 2) I love that there are kind people out there and so nice of them to try to return it to you 3) I love that you all can have fun with the bag!

  2. Brittany says:

    Such a fab look! I looovee the taxi handbag – such a statement piece.
    – xo Britt.

  3. tanviidotcom says:

    How cool is that bag!!! Love you look. Uber edgy.


  4. Kim says:

    This taxi handbag is too cute!! It’s perfect for a big city like NYC!


  5. What a great story! Your taxi bag lives a more exciting life than I do, for sure!

    And LOVVVE this ballerina meets athleisure outfit!

    How wonderful that those nice women returned your bag to you!

    Thanks for linking up with the Fabulous Friday link-up!


  6. kileen says:

    This is such a fun bag! I love how unique it is and this outfit is so cute!!

    cute & little

  7. miriam says:

    oh my goodness! how adorable is that little clutch! so perfect for NYC!

  8. I love that your handbag went on an adventure! That does stink that you thought it was gone for good, but I’m so glad that it wasn’t lost! I love this outfit too!

  9. Kelsey says:

    Oh my gosh that taxi purse is the cutest thing ever!!!

  10. Oh my gosh what a fun bag! Perfect for the city!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  11. Stephanie says:

    This may be the best NYFW-related post I’ve read all fall! I absolutely died with laughter over the fact that the girl took your bag around for photos throughout HER day!! That’s fantastic!

    • Lee says:

      Hahaha thank you so much!! I’m so glad it entertained; I was so excited to share this story because I just couldn’t get over the randomness of it haha.

  12. Liz says:

    The photos turned out so cute! And that is seriously the best story ever! Your bag had the adventure of a lifetime and it sounds like you made some awesome new friends in the process. Love when things work out!

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