October Favorites

November 1, 2018

Happy November wonderful humans! With my favorite month now over (it went by way too quickly) I wanted to share another monthly favorites post. (Here’s my September Favorites post if you missed it!) I have a ton of October favorites since it was such a busy month. So let’s get to it!



Cozy Sweaters: Not exactly shocking, I know, but cozy sweaters have been my jam this month! I cannot stop buying them and love that there are so many fall colors of cozy knits. Be sure to check out some of the cozy sweaters I’ve been loving!

Heart Elbow Patch Sweater: Even more specifically, this particular sweater has my heart (… on my elbow haha. *immediately apoloizes for such a bad dad joke*) The heart elbow patches are just the best touch, and I was seriously surprised / impressed by the quality since this sweater is under $30!

Alice & Olivia: I have been crushing on Alice & Olivia pieces even more than usual this month. Alice & Olivia, in general, definitely qualifies as an October favorite. I mean, just look at this emerald velvet blazer & matching pants! Also, I haven’t ordered these yet but my-oh-my I need these pink sequin heels! How fun are they!

NeoStrata Clarify Dual Acid Clarifying Peel: I got this NeoStrata product at the LD Beauty event in Whistler (more on that below). I’ve been using it twice a week and can see a real difference in my skin. I have less blackheads and small imperfections. Unlike other masks I’ve tried that fight acne, it is not drying at all. My skin feels moisturized and so smooth after using this!


Life Moments:

Whistler with London Drugs Beauty Department: London Drugs Beauty Department, aka. LD Beauty, has an annual conference in Whistler where they bring us bloggers up to the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel in Whistler and all the beauty & skincare brands that LD Beauty carries (Revlon, NYX, L’Oreal, Lise Watier, etc) have booths to showcase their newest products. We also get a goody bag (actually a giant box) of items from each which is so incredible. I just love this event because I get to see and try a bunch of great new products, but also because Whistler is such a beautiful city to spend time in.

Thanksgiving with Friends/Family: I am so grateful for my friend Sarah, whose family has become my second family. Thanksgiving in Canada was this month (In case any of my American readers are confused haha) and my family lives on the other side of the country. So, my ‘second family’ took me in and we had the best day playing monopoly, drinking wine, and eating way too much good food.


Reading / Watching / Eating:

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover – This book is incredible. As a voracious reader, I have read my fair share of memoirs. This one gave my chills. I did actually find it a bit dry in the middle, but the last few chapters 100% make up for it. Tara’s understanding of personal growth and navigating complex memories from a traumatic childhood is nothing short of brilliant. This book will leave you inspired, but also with a greater understanding of yourself and your own childhood.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan: This show!! If you like true crime, you need to watch this show on Netflix. There are less than 10 episodes total. In each, Piers Morgan interviews a woman convicted of murder. The women range from a 16 year old who killed her parents, to a scorned lover who killed her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. It’s a fascinating insight into the thoughts and minds of these women who kill.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a kid. Anyone else watch it religiously as part of ABC’s “TGIF”?! When I discovered Netflix had made a ‘grown up’ version of this, I was immediately hooked. My sister was in town and staying at my place last week, and we watched episodes every night before bed!

Black Bean, Brown Rice & Mango Quesadillas: I found this recipe on Pinterest early in the month, and have made it three times! It is so delicious. (Ps. Make sure you are following my pinterest for more things I share!)

october favorites educated a memoir book and the chilling adventures of sabrina show


Blog Posts:

My Favorite Blog Post I Shared:

Of the posts I shared on LegalLee Blonde this month, my favorite is probably My Outfit Formula For Fall. I love the corduroy mini so much, and I stand by this general formula to create a gorgeous fall outfit!

Favorite Blog Posts By Other Bloggers:

1. 10 Things to Do to Prepare for the Holiday Season Now by Through Jam’s Eyes: If you are an organization lover like I am, you will love this post. Thanks to it, I’ve already started prepping for the holiday season!

2. The Brands I Wore in Middle School Are Cool Again? by Sophisticaition: This post was SO fun and unique! I was shocked at how many of the brands I forgot about are clearly carrying really cool pieces again.

3. How I Cured my Cystic Acne Naturally in Less Than 30 Days by Oh So Lovely Life: Praise Nicole for sharing this post! Nicole is a blogger friend of mine, and her and I have complained to each other before about our troubles with cystic acne. I loved this post and am implementing a ton of the tips. Also, if you are into astrology, vegan food or general cool Portland vibes, you will love Nicole!

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40 responses to “October Favorites”

  1. Laura Botkin says:

    I am loving everything! That fall look is my favorite and I need to watch that Piers Morgan!

  2. annaefox01 says:

    I’m a few episodes in on Sabrina! I love how they completely re-made it.

  3. Liz says:

    It sounds like you had an amazing month! I am obsessed with your corduroy outfit!

  4. I need that heart elbow patch sweater! Soooo cute!

  5. Cathy says:

    So many cute outfits and those tacos in the photo are calling my name!!


  6. tanviidotcom says:

    I am loving that sweater A LOT – Also will checkout the TV shows you suggested.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  7. glassofglam says:

    I love your outfit formula for fall! You’re such a babe, and I love the otk boots! I’ve heard great things about the Sabrina show, but also that it is surprisingly spooky. Happy November!

    • Lee says:

      Aw thanks Roxanne, you are so sweet! And YES the Sabrina show is definitely scary. I do not watch horror movies- Im such a baby, and it’s bordering on too scary for me to watch! (But I keep watching it because its sooo good!)

  8. kileen says:

    I love your Fall outfit so much!! The whole look is perfection and I am swooning over that skirt!

    cute & little

  9. Laura says:

    I can’t get enough of the cozy sweaters I’m finding this season, they’re awesome! Love that pretty fall look too!

  10. I just started watching Sabrina and I’m obsessed!

  11. Em says:

    I’ve heard such great things about Educated!

  12. Rebecca says:

    OMG that Alice and Olivia sweater is GOALS!!! So obsessed w that look and such great other suggestions!

    xx Rebecca // The Crystal Press

  13. roxyturtle says:

    Right there with you on cozy sweaters! I’m not sure I have room in my dresser to fit them all — I’m very into chunky and oversized this year.

  14. The new Sabrina is SO GOOD!! I binge watched it in one day! haha

  15. Kim says:

    I use to LOVE Sabrina as a kid so I will definitely have to check out this new show!


    • Lee says:

      Same! Watching it during ABC’s TGIF is such a strong memory from my childhood. This one is much more scary and dark, but it’s really good.

  16. Kelsey says:

    I can’t get enough of the sweater with the heart elbow patches!! So darn cute!

  17. I binge watched sabrina in a day! I really loved the new one! Also I love that sweater with the hearts!

    Sarah Lindner

    • Lee says:

      It’s so great eh! I had to pause (ive watched the first four episodes) because Im away on vacation, but definitely want to get back to watching it once Im home!

  18. Steph says:

    I am crushing on your sweater with the hearts on the elbows! So darn cute!!


  19. Elbow detail/patch sweaters are so cute!! I love the hearts on yours!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  20. Caitlin Houston says:

    I can’t wait for Sabrina Season 2 already!

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