What to Wear with a Red Blazer (& Day 11 of “12 Days of Giveaways”)

After sharing this red blazer as part of a full suit look here on LegalLee Blonde last week, I received a few messages asking if I could style more looks with the red blazer; to provide some outfit inspiration on what to wear with a red blazer other than just as a matching suit set. My red blazer has become a staple in my wear to work wardrobe since I got last month, so I actually had a ton of ‘what to wear with a red blazer’ post ideas to share.

I decided to share this particular look because the combination of red and black is classic and I think is probably your safest and best bet when trying to decide what to wear with a red blazer. Instead of a regular black pencil skirt, I decided to share my lace pencil skirt as part of this look because I love the contrast in texture when the red blazer is paired with lace.

similar red blazer // lace pencil skirt c/o // Gucci handbag // suede heels // necklace c/o // earrings c/o

*photos by Austin Mollins Photography*

I love the length of the skirt I’m wearing, but it does have a weird waist line that I do not love. Basically the way it is sewn it bluges slightly on each side above the hip but below the waist line. I don’t ever want to recommend something here on LegalLee Blonde that I don’t genuinely like, so, I wanted to warn you about that if you are considering buying it. For the affordable price tag, it certainly might be worth it – it looks great under a blazer and I wear mine all the time this way – but I wouldn’t wear it without a jacket on top because it just doesn’t fit properly.

I’ve linked up my lace skirt so that if you want to snag this affordable one to style with a blazer you can! I’ve also though linked up 2 other lace pencil skirts at different price points though in case you want to purchase a higher quality lace pencil skirt.

what to wear with a red blazer gucci bag black skirt

So yes; when it comes to what to wear with a red blazer, I hope this outfit gives you some more inspiration! I’ve also worn my red blazer over a black sheath dress for a day at the office, and with a cream colored turtleneck and dark denim for a more casual look.

I also want to talk about the jewelry I’m wearing in today’s post. Both my necklace and earrings are by Kendra Scott. I always liked Kendra Scott pieces when I saw them on other bloggers , but without boutiques here in Canada I hadn’t actually seen their collections up close until the Vogue x Kendra Scott New York Fashion Week party. Since then, I have got quite a few Kendra Scott pieces and have been thrilled with both the quality and the customization (nearly every item comes in multiple metals and colors so you can find the perfect piece for you).

kendra-scott-jewelry-necklace-earrings-giveaway kendra-scott-corza-rose-gold-earrings-giveaway

The necklace and earrings I decided to wear for this ‘what to wear with a red blazer’ post are my rose gold statement collar and drop earrings. I really like the unexpected combination of the rose gold against the red.

This necklace is fantastic because it is one of their adjustable pieces; meaning the chain it’s on can be slid to different lengths so you can wear it at exactly the length you want. This is great for layering! The earrings I am wearing are the Corza rose gold earrings. These are such a unique shape and I love that they look good from any angle (… I have a major pet peeve with statement earrings that only look if you see them perfectly from the side, but look weird from the front).


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I love the Corza rose gold earrings so much, that they are what I decided to giveaway today for Day 11 of “12 Days of Giveaways”!

12 Days of Giveaways – Day 11: Kendra Scott Corza Earrings

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