Insider Tips for Designer Consignment Shopping

February 22, 2019

Happy Friday! While on the hunt for a Prada Saffiano bag last fall (I’m still on the hunt) I came up with an idea for a post- what if I could do a post giving tips on designer consignment shopping, not coming just from me, but from an expert in this – someone who could really give us the inside scoop?!

Well, today I am thrilled to have teamed up with Mine and Yours – a designer consignment boutique here in Vancouver, Canada (they ship throughout the US and Canada) to give you insider tips for designer consignment shopping. I sat down with Mine & Yours co-owner, Courtney, earlier this week to find out how to get the best deals on designer consignment products, what to look for in pieces, etc.

Since I basically interviewed Courtney (while swooning hard over her amazing studded ankle boots and periodically interrupting as I spotted designer pieces around the store that I loved) I figured the best way to share these insider tips on designer consignment shopping with you is Q&A style.


Insider Tips on Designer Consignment Shopping:

Q: Let’s start with the basics, why do you recommend designer consignment shopping?

A couple of reasons: 1) You can find more rare, unique pieces that aren’t going to see 20 other women in. 2) You can get out of your comfort zone and try pieces that are bit more unique- you may not want to get a ‘trendy’ item or something unique when it’s full price, but on consignment you can be more comfortable in trying it out.

Q: What is the best brand to buy on consignment?

It depends on your purpose for consignment shopping. If you want pieces where you are getting the most bang for your buck at the moment, you should go for brands that drop more between new and retail. Two brands that have been good for this the past few years are:

Celine and Chloe

For example, there are Chloe bags still in store retailing for $5500 that you can get on consignment for $3000. That instant $2500 savings is huge. Mine & Yours has this insanely popular Mine and Yours currently available for $1025. It is currently selling new for $2000!

If you want to get pieces that keep their value then the best brands are:

Chanel and Louis Vuitton

Chanel pieces tend to hold their value over time like no other. So if you buy a Chanel bag on consignment for $2000 and use it for a year, if there is minimal added wear and tear after that year you can re-sell it for nearly the same price since the value holds. Same with Louis Vuitton – there are some pieces that end up selling even for exactly what you bought it for, years later!

For example, this gorgeous Louis bag they have in store right now caught my eye, and  turns out it is an incredible deal!

Q: What brand should you not buy on consignment?

Note from Lee – obviously all items designer consignment stores carry they want you to buy, but luckily Courtney is not ‘sales-y’ and genuinely wanted to give you a real insider’s answer so she was willing to share this! Thank you to Courtney!

By the same token that the brands that drop more are the ones you want to buy on designer consignment, the ones that don’t don’t drop much are the ones not to buy. One brand that has shown this trend as of late is…


You’ll see a Gucci belt or bag retailing for a certain amount and that bag or belt on consignment is often retailing for only $50 or $100 less. For that reason, you might as well go to the Gucci and have the full in-store shopping experience. Save your consignment buys for the amazing deals on Celine, Chloe, etc.


Q: As an expert, tell me what the best ‘strategy’ is for designer consignment shopping:

One: Give yourself time if you are shopping in store. There are so many different items you really need time.

Two: Talk to the sales staff! They are usually so knowledgeable (note from Lee: I’ve always found the girls at Mine and Yours to be so knowledgeable about brands and sizing etc!) and often can help you find exactly what you are looking for. They can also help with size tips and may even know of pieces not yet on the floor that they can bring out for you once they know what you are on the hunt for.

Three: Trade!! Not enough people realize the value of trading. If you have designer items you don’t want anymore, bring them in because you can always get store credit instead of being paid and that usually goes further, so, if you want to buy something in store anyway it only makes sense to do this!

One last thing I wanted to share with you guys that is more of a shopping game changer than a tip is that if you are planning to shop at Mine & Yours – they have a wishlist!!! I personally haven’t seen this on other designer consignment websites, and as someone who is busy and doesn’t have time to check websites for new additions daily this is huge. If you go to this wishlist signup page on the Mine & Yours website you can describe any specific items you are looking for and they will contact you if they show up!! This is like a shopping dream come true.

I just filled this in with my two dream items (black large Prada Saffiano bag and Christian Louboutin Pigalle’s, size 41) and am so excited.

If you submit items to their wishlist – let me know in the comments below what item you’ve added! I’d love to hear what everyone’s dream designer items are.

Hope you all found these insider tips for designer consignment shopping helpful! I know I was shocked to learn about what brands to shop and not shop for, and so will be keeping this mind in the future! Happy shopping!

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22 responses to “Insider Tips for Designer Consignment Shopping”

  1. Torey says:

    I love buying second hand! It’s so much fun

  2. Mona Salama says:

    I need to start shopping at designer consignment for all my designer bag and shoe obsession

  3. Laura Adney says:

    Such a good read babe!

  4. Taylor Aube says:

    Your outfit is so chic, and this consignment shop looks so fabulous!

  5. Oh WOW! This store looks like a dream! I definitely need to start my wishlist!

  6. Caitlin Houston says:

    I absolutely love consignment shopping lately! I want to visit this store!

  7. gretahollar says:

    I really want to be better about consignment shopping. I have friends who find the best unique pieces!

  8. Natalia says:

    This was such a good read! So grateful for her tips especially the one on what not to buy consignment (makes complete sense!). Thanks for sharing and btw the Prada Saffiano is my dream bag!

    • Lee says:

      Thank you so much, Im so glad you liked it! And yasss it’s such an amazing bag right! Fingers crossed we get them one day!

  9. kariashlee says:

    Such a great read! Super helpful information!!

  10. Oh my goodness, all that LV! We don’t have nice consignment shops in my town but I need to find one that looks like this!

    -xo, Azanique |

    • Lee says:

      Isn’t it breathtaking! SO many great LV pieces. I’m sorry you don’t have any great consignment shops near you – but definitely check these guys out online! They ship throughout the US and Canada!

  11. Second hand shopping is becoming more popular when it comes to designer bags. I’m all for that.

    • Lee says:

      I love it too! Not only is it more affordable but I love the lower environmental impact of making sure bags are second-hand loved!

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