New York Fashion Week Recap: Day Four

February 18, 2019

vintage Chanel scarf – similar colored scarf here // short sleeve button down blouse // similar red pants // ankle boots

Happy Monday! It is a holiday here in Vancouver, BC (“family day”) and I’m so happy to have the day out of Court so I can relax a bit and catch up on blogging and all your instagram comments! Today on the blog, clearly, I’m recaping day 4 of NYFW. After this I’ve just got one final day and I’ll be sharing that here tomorrow. You don’t want to miss that one – day 5 was probably the best of all of Fashion Week this season!

Day 4 of Fashion Week was a really great one. I started my day with another photo shoot – this time with all my roomies. We went to the Brooklyn bridge to shoot some outfits for our blogs and I can’t wait to share the outfit/photos with you in a couple of weeks.

After a quick coffee date post-photo shoot I headed to my first event of the day; backstage for Tibi. In case you missed it in my day 3 recap, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Aveda and go backstage with them for some NYFW shows as they style hair for many of the shows. I’m so grateful to Aveda for letting me have this experience!

The hair for Tibi was really cool the head Aveda stylist described the overall look as ‘playing with texture’. They created hair styles where the models hair had two different textures – really sleek up top and then more natural and dry on the bottom. There were also lots of fabric accessories used – in both hair clips and ponytail holders.


While I was able to get an awesome ‘sneak peek’ backstage, I wasn’t able to attend the Tibi show. I had another show scheduled right at the same time, so after backstage I booked it to my next show. That said, I couldn’t leave you with a teaser of the hair/makeup and not share the Tibi collection, so:

all images ©

How gorgeous are those three looks?! Those are my personal favorites from the Tibi show. Overall, as you can see, the Tibi fall/winter 2019 collection is focused on menswear inspired pieces, and designs that either nip in or are belted at the waist. I would love to wear any of the three sets above – the middle one would be especially unique in the fall paired witha floppy hat and boots , and the green check pattern suit I would so wear to work!

Three other great looks from the collection are:

I just love the cinched waists, the menswear cuts and the color palette of this collection. Unsurprisingly, Tibi impresses once again! If you’re as big a Tibi fan as I am and want to check out some of their pieces now, their spring/summer collection which is currently in stores is swoon worthy. I’ve linked up my favorite pieces below (the robin’s egg blue suit I am currently saving up to get!) I also really want the pink culottes which are currently on sale for 60% off!


Shop Tibi Pieces:


My next event of Day 4 was the Romeo Hunte show. This was my first time attending a Romeo Hunte show and I loved it! The collection is so fun and edgy and the way they set up the space at Pier 59 was really cool.


Romeo Hunte

images c/o fashion week online

Romeo Hunte’s fall/winter 2019 collection is a fun throwback to 90’s streetwear. There’s a focus on denim combined with cozy fur fabrics. I was really intrigued by this mix of fabrics and the contrast it creates in the pieces.

There was also a really cool homage to 90s street art woven throughout the collection with some pieces even featuring graffiti – like the outfit below which is my personal favorite from this collection:


Isn’t that so cool?! Something about the more boujee fur piece shaped to look like bricks and combined with the gritty graffiti creates such a modern, beautiful piece of clothing.

Romeo Hunte also does menswear, and the menswear from this fall/winter 2019 collection was equally as much a throwback to 90s street wear:


What I Wore to NYFW Day 4:

For my day 4 outfit I wanted to create a look that was street wear meets corporate meets high-end designer. For this I went with my bright red pants and black ankle boots and a very corporate button down blouse. I then tied my vintage Chanel scarf (thanks to my mom for loaning it to me) around my chest.

I love adding scarves to looks because they are so insanely versatile. Tying one around your chest to create sort of sweetheart cut bustier is one of my favorite ways to wear them.

So that is my day 4 look! Please ignore the bright blue bracelet on my wrist lol, I snapped this photo after leaving Tibi backstage and that was our backstage access pass.

That was it for my day 4! I hope to see you all here tomorrow for my final recap of this epic fashion week season. Enjoy your day everyone! … and now I go and pour myself a giant cup of coffee *happy dance*

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26 responses to “New York Fashion Week Recap: Day Four”

  1. Cathy says:

    Loving this collection and what fun hairstyles! Your outfit is fabulous too!!


  2. Love your outfit, red is my favourite colour. Looks like a great time at here. I would love to see fashion week.

    Thanks for sharing at #CreativeMondays, hope to see you on Wednesday for our next blog hop 🙂

  3. Laura Adney says:

    Really digging this collection

  4. Looks like such a fun day at NYFW! Love that vintage Chanel scarf.

  5. Megan says:

    I love your outfit so much. You look stunning and it looks like you had a total blast.

  6. That’s a clever idea with your mums scarf! The collection is fabulous – it must have been so exciting to be there! xx Maria

  7. day 4 looked fabulous! I love the different style of outfits!

  8. Sarah Lagen says:

    Love your red pants!! And so cool that you got to go to Fashinon Week — that would be such a dream to go!!

  9. Liz says:

    Aveda is always one of my faves!

  10. Adaleta Avdić says:

    Absolutely love these pants on you! Also love all the trends from NYFW.

  11. tanviidotcom says:

    Layers on layers – such a cool and street chic collection. Love it.


  12. The men’s fashion was my favorite! I love the jean mixing 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

    • Lee says:

      It was cool to see men’s fashion! I honestly feel like I know NOTHING about men’s styles, so I liked seeing what they had put together!

  13. Anabelle says:

    I absolutely love your red pants!!! Too cute!

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