Monthly Favorites – April 2019

May 1, 2019

I’ll refrain from starting this post with an N’Sync song reference, but please appreciate the self-control I am exhibiting just for you. 🤣 Happy May everyone!

The start of the new month means my monthly recap post here on LegalLee Blonde. I’ve got a ton of favorites this month, so let’s get to it:


1. Lace-up Oxfords:
I can’t get enough of these gorgeous shoes, or how affordable they were. I received so many compliments on these when I wore them in New York, and they are so comfortable! I wore them on a day in NY when I apparently did 15,000 steps! My feet didn’t hurt at all, which is pretty miraculous.

2. Noize Jacket:
This jacket is epic!! I love the print, and more importantly, the brand. Noize is a cruelty-free vegan outerwear brand based here in Canada. They sent me this coat last month and i have been wearing it non-stop.

3. White Embroidered Dress:
I shared this dress a couple of weeks ago here, and am so glad I bought it. It has been great for spring (I’ve worn it with my noize vegan leather jacket) and I can’t wait to style it for summer.

4. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask & Pore Blur Perfector:
Where have these products been all my life?! I am  new to the LANIGE brand, but I’d heard great things. I also love that they do not test on animals. I was gifed a bunch of LANEIGE product while in NY and these two products have already become staples in my routine. The water sleeping mask has been so good for my combination skin. It doens’t clog my pores, but gives so much moisture and doesn’t feel heavy. Then the pore blur product minimizes my pores so much while also acting as a setting spray. WIN.

Life Moments:

1. New York Trip:
If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I was in New York last week. I went for a work trip (PR and brand meetings) but I took my mom along as well as a birthday trip for her so we could do fun tourist things as well. We saw two Broadway shows, went to the MET, and ate the best meals. I so recommend everyone check out Carmine’s and Bistango for amazing meals in NYC!

2. Hanging Out with my Goddaughters:
Before heading to NY, I spent a week back in my hometown. I had the best time with my friend Maddie and her 3 kiddos. My goddaughters just bring so much joy to my life! I mean, seriously, look at little Presley below – how can you not smile at those giant baby blues?!

Reading / Watching / Listening:

1. Off Camera with Sam Jones:
Have you seen this show?!? It is on Netflix, and one of the best things I have watched in so long. Sam Jones interviews celebrities in a relaxed way having them talk about their lives and their background and their beliefs. It’s thought-provoking and entertaining. I’ve watched 4 episodes so far, and definitely am hooked. The episodes with Dax Shepard and Robert Downey Jr. I found particularly interesting.

2. Ben is Back:
This movie from 2018 stars Julia Roberts, and somehow I had never heard of it. My mom and I randomly found it and watched it and it is so well done. The acting is incredible and if you need a good emotional flick, this one is for you! It’s, in essence, a story of a young man struggling with drug addiction and how far his mother goes to support him.

3. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 2):
In case you somehow missed it, the second season of Sabrina was relased on Netflix mid-month. I binged the whole thing, it was so, so good!


1. Sake Sangria:
How delicious does that sound right?! I had this cocktail at Hapa Izakaya in Vancouver, and now am going to make it at home. The ingredients are simply: Sake, white wine, lychee liqueur, mint, & white cranberry juice, & soda water. I would never have thought to add sake to Sangria, but trust me it is delicious!

2. Flourless Monster Cookies:
I made these this past month with my niece and they were a huge hit. So delcious, and gluten free!


Blog Posts:

Blog Posts I Shared:

1. My “Birthday Suit”:
This post was just such a fun one for me. I love this brand, I loved getting to play with balloons and I loved wearing a “suit” that felt fresh and fun.

2. Why Your Phone, Your Car, and More Aren’t Made For You:
This is one of those posts that means so much to me. I  feel so privileged to have this platform to share issues that I feel are important, and this is something that when I learned about I couldn’t not share.

Blog Posts I Read:

1. Coachella Fashion by Miss Moore Style
I’ll be honest, I got really sick of seing allk these 21 year olds in ridiculous outfits talking about Coachella. But, my firend Jess went and her outfits were incredible. This roindup post she did just shows exactly what I love about her style – she comes out with such great outfits that are cool but wearable. She’s in her 30s as well, so I feel more connected to her sense of fashion and what she styles.

2. 5 Books That Had the Biggest Impact on My Career by Corporate Style Story:
Cyran of Corporate Style Story is a fellow lawyer / fashion & lifestyle blogger and I just adore her. This post on impactful books was such a great read, and definitely gave me some books to add to my “to read” list.



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22 responses to “Monthly Favorites – April 2019”

  1. Cathy says:

    What a fun month! Love the photo of you on the turnstiles of the subway-so fun!


    • Lee says:

      Thank you! It was ridiculous shot to get so Im glad people like it! haha. My mom and I had to struggle to get back over the turnstiles because we crossed over before boarding a train and our metro cards didn’t work again lol

  2. Rach says:

    Girl, your birthday suit is so cute!! I love the short suit set and the floral print! I hope you and your mom had a wonderful time in NYC!

  3. Liz says:

    I hope you had fun in New York! Love your “birthday suit” too ha! Sounds like a great month!

  4. Emely Turish says:

    The Laneige Mask is soooo good!!! So is Sake Sangria lol

  5. kileen says:

    That Noize jacket is seriously so cute! I am loving the star print!

    cute & little

  6. hillheady says:

    This was such a fun roundup!! Definitely need to try those cookies!

  7. April sounded like a fabulous month! I love that you went to NY it sounds like a wonderful time. That birthday suit is still a fave of mine!

  8. Nina Tekwani says:

    So many good favorites, looks like it was an amazing month! PS, I swear by the water mask.

  9. gretahollar says:

    Love your feminist tee. I’ve been thinking about it since your last post!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I feel like April was one of your best months. Fashion-wise, travel-wise, posts-wise. It all piles together to seem like such a phenomenal month!

  11. Holly Galvan says:

    I loveeee reading recaps like this. You had an awesome April!

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