Comfortable and Chic Travel Outfits

June 28, 2019

comfortable and chic travel outfits

Happy Friday everyone!! With Canada Day & Independence Day right around the corner a lot of people are gearing up for upcoming travel. Today I’m sharing 5 comfortable and chic travel outfits; perfect for your holiday weekend travel plans or any upcoming trips you may have!


Outfit One:

This is the outfit I am wearing in the photo above. I heard other bloggers talking about this jumpsuit and how great it was for the price. I ordered one and am so glad I did! It’s really lightweight, which perfect for travel, since no one wants to be overheated while traveling – layering is key! Bonus- it’s only $15!!

This dove grey luggage is my go-to luggage set. I love the vintage vibes. The hardware, if you can’t tell, is rose gold which is such a gorgeous touch! This is the luggage I’ll be including in all 5 comfortable and chic travel outfits I’m sharing today.


Outfit Two:
comfortable and chic travel outfits

I love this look for a soft, feminine travel outfit. My go to’s for travel, as you will see, are rompers and maxi dresses. Always ones that are cotton blend or other soft material. This baby blue dress is a great one for travel. Paired with gold espadrilles and these adorable pearl hair barrettes and you are good to go! The pearl barrettes I really like as far as comfortable and chic travel outfit ideas since these are travel inspired! The cities they have are Paris, New York and Tokyo.


Outfit Three:

If you’re worried about getting cold, this “airplane mode” sweater is a perfect layer to add to any travel outfit! This button front jumpsuit is very similar to the first one I shared; just with a different style front (button vs. faux wrap). Both jumpsuits come in a ton of colors so you can get one of each style in a different color if you want more variety!

I’d pair this black button front jumpsuit with the oh-so-comfy Tory Burch sandals in rose gold. I also always like to have one focus piece of jewelry when I travel, usually a necklace. For this look I went with an initial pave stone necklace in rose gold.


Outfit Four:

If you want the ultimate comfortable and chic travel outfit, this is it! You will be SO cozy in this. This maxi dress is soft and very breathable. The cardigan is by Barefoot Dreams and is a splurge, but it is worth every penny. Barefoot Dreams clothing is the most soft clothing you will ever find! This cardigan comes in a ton of colors so you can find your favorite.

To keep the comfort going I went with a pair of cute sneakers instead of espadrilles or sandals. I love the print on these, and they perfectly tie in the cardigan and maxi dress! Last thing – this airplane necklace. I mean, COME ON. How freakin’ cute!! The perfect necklace for travel!


Outfit Five:

comfortable and chic travel outfits

I wanted to share one bold comfortable and chic travel outfit for any of you babes out there who want to really make a statement with your travel outfit. This red jumpsuit is the perfect base for that! It’s as comfy as the other dresses/jumpsuits but makes a big impact.

To keep up the added glamor/boldness I’d pair the jumpsuit with these black studded wedges and this vegan leather jacket. The vegan leather of this jacket is soft enough to make it move easily so it’s still comfortable to wear even on a long flight. Last thing – these barrettes! These are customizable hair barrettes!! How cool! Obviously you can get your name, but it could also be fun to get the city you’re traveling to or to make a phrase by styling two or three together (ex.’s: “coffee please”, “girl power”, “on my way” etc.)

There you have it! Five comfortable and chic travel outfits. I hope you love them! 😊

Are you traveling anywhere for Canada Day / Independence day? Today I’m flying up to Northern BC to visit my sister and niece/nephew. It’s my nephew’s 10th birthday this weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate the little nugget. He’s such a funny, awesome kid. I think were going to spend most of the weekend down at the lake and I can’t wait! Northern BC is so freaking beautiful! Mountain views and crystal blue lakes. Just cross your fingers for me that I don’t get eaten by mosquitoes LOL. I feel justified now in complaining about mosquitoes loving me, thanks to my DNA results for that one haha!

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34 responses to “Comfortable and Chic Travel Outfits”

  1. All those hair clips are super cute. I think I need one (of a bunch) in my life. Outfit 3 is my pick here because I love a good sweater on a plane ride.

  2. lyddiegal says:

    While I think all the jumpsuits you’ve chosen are adorable, I would not want to travel in them. I don’t want to deal with that in an airplane bathroom, or any public bathroom! Maxi dress all the way!
    Chic on the Cheap

    • Lee says:

      Aw fair enough! I actually like these ones because they don’t touch the ground at all. The black one Im wearing in the first pic I wore to the airport on Friday and it was fine to pee in! Because of the elastic waist and that it’s sleeveless, you don’t have to worry about any of it touching the gross floor lol.

  3. Rach says:

    I’m all about dressing comfortably when traveling! Love your jumpsuit girl!

  4. kayharms says:

    Love that airplane mode sweater. How darling is that?!! Great post. Thanks for all the ideas. I too love layers and simple, non-binding styles when I travel.

    • Lee says:

      It’s so cute hey! I have it in white and love it. I’m so glad you liked the post, thank you so much for reading! <3

  5. annaefox01 says:

    It always amazes me that people can dress up for travel days. I’m always in a pair of leggings and comfy sweatshirt! These are cute options though.

    • Lee says:

      Haha I agree with you, I like to be comfy not dressed up – but this is my version of not dressed up! Maybe its because Im in a suit all day every day for work, but wearing a cotton jumpsuit with a sweater or jean jacket is definitely my comfy cozy lazy day style!

  6. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    These are all such cute outfits!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  7. Megan says:

    These travel outfits are so cute! My favorite is the black jumpsuit. I’m also in love with that luggage!

    • Lee says:

      Thanks so much Megan! I ended up wearing the black jumpsuit on my flight, so I guess the black jumpsuit is my fav as well! haha!

  8. Annie says:

    I have a similar luggage and I always get so many compliments! I love that style!

  9. Mica says:

    So many cute travel outfits! I tend to stick to jeans and a tee with a cardi or kimono on top and a scarf in case it’s really cold – it’s often so cold in planes!

    Hope that you have a great weekend with your travelling 🙂

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Mica! And ahh I can’t wear jeans on planes; I just don’t find them comfy enough! Im always jealous of girls at airports looking all cute in denim haha. And Ugh i agree planes can get SO cold. Layering is key!

  10. I love that black romper! So cute for quick travel 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  11. Nancy says:

    Oh the first jumpsuit is a perfect one! Happy zondag!

  12. gretahollar says:

    I want to travel just to have cute travel outfits like you! Cute as a button!

  13. Laura S says:

    Ohhh! We are traveling for the 4th and these outfits would all be perfect and so comfy!

  14. You’re one chic traveler!! I actually just wore a black jumpsuit on my flight to and from Disney World this weekend and it was the best decision! SO COMFORTABLE!

    How 2 Wear It []

  15. Kristina says:

    These are all great picks! I have that Amazon midi dress and LOVE it- it’s all about comfort on the plane but you also don’t have to look like a bum!

  16. aprellelove says:

    I love the baby blue dress! You look so adorable in your jumpsuit too!

  17. Maureen says:

    Jumpsuits are something I have been obsessed with since I found out how comfortable and chic they are. A black jumpsuit is so versatile in that it’s easy to dress up and down. Plus, for $15 that is such a bargain! I also try to travel with just dresses, jumpsuits or rompers. They make life so much easier and gives you more time to relax and enjoy your vacation.

    Maureen |

    • Lee says:

      That’s such a good point – jumpsuits/rompers/dresses take the guess work out of picking out an outfit while you’re on vacation since you get to just throw on the one piece and go!

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