NYFW – Theory, Pamella Roland & OOTD 6

September 20, 2019

This season of New York Fashion Week was an absolute whirlwind, and I can’t believe I’m already at the last day as far as my recaps go! Today I wanted to share recaps of two shows and, of course, talk about what I wore on day 6!


Theory is such a popular wear-to-work brand; personally I’ve always loved their blazers. This season I was lucky enough to be invited to their fashion week presentation of their Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

This collection is quite different from what they’ve done before. They’ve moved away from highly structured pieces into very flowy and layered looks. The trend you can definitely take out of this collection is that of layering. For spring/summer you’ll see tons of dresses worn over pants, tank tops worn over dresses, etc. Here’s a look at some of the collection:

Pamella Roland:

The Pamella Roland show is a star-studded affair every year, and it’s easy to see why. Her dresses are breathtaking – especially in the way they move – making the show an incredibly entertaining experience.

The trends really coming forward in this show from S/S 2020 are: feathers, pastels, and pinks. This spring/summer you will see feathers everywhere. They will be the accent detail of choice on everything from dresses to tops to jackets. Pastels, as usual, will be big for spring/summer but what is less usual – pink, in all shades, will also be popular.

Here are some of favorite Pamella Roland S/S 2020 pieces. As you can probably guess my top pick is the pastel pink sequin pantsuit. It’s a freaking sequin pantsuit ladies & gentleman *runs to order one*.

My Outfit For Day 6:

I wanted to feel confident and empowered in my outfit of the day so of course I went with a pantsuit. This hot pink pant suit is from Zara and is easily one of my favorite summer purchases. The sheer puff sleeve blouse is also from Zara.

Are you wondering about what’s on my face?? When I was in LA in July I was introduced to Lotti; the designer of the accessory store Knight Beauties. I fell in love with her dramatic hats (like the one I wore on Day 5) but then I saw what she calls “face jewelry” and my breath was taken away. I have never seen this before and I absolutely love the idea. The piece itself just looks like one long chain, and you wrap it behind your ears draping it over your face. Such a statement!!

Thank you so much for reading my New York Fashion week posts this year. I hope you enjoyed them all! I’d love to hear which outfit or which show I covered was your favorite. Let me know in the comments below!

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18 responses to “NYFW – Theory, Pamella Roland & OOTD 6”

  1. Lisa Morris says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Those dresses from Pamela Roland are stunning! I love your pink pantsuit too – gorgeous!

    Lisa | OccasionallyLuxe.com

  2. Kim says:

    Your pink outfit is so perfect for NYFW! You went to so many great shows… I’m jealous!


  3. Ruth says:

    Oh wow you look so gorgeous! I love the pink and how you layered the blouse underneath it!


  4. roxyturtle says:

    Love your power suit! Zara is such a go-to place for NYFW!! I was a little sad at the Theory show — I buy most of my workwear there, and this flowy stuff is pretty but just not office-appropriate for me. Darn you trends!! I do love the first sweater for casual wear though. And wow, Pamella Roland looks amazing!! I want a party to wear those dresses to!

    • Lee says:

      Thank you so much! And I totally agree about Zara – but I have some major concerns about Zara as a company- there was that huge news story last year about them not paying their workers and the workers were hiding notes in the garments begging for help. I stopped shopping them because of it; but I am really hoping they get their act together and start being an ethical company because I would LOVE to buy their stuff again. Luckily, I’ve still been able to get a lot of Zara stuff without actually shopping there because there is a consignment store here that gets all of the products directly from the Zara here that they couldn’t sell and/or that is damaged. It’s been great to shop that.

      And i TOTALLY agree about the style of Theory this year – it is SUCH a different look. I really like the pieces and the new direction, but I totally agree it’s not good for work wear.

      Haha I know I want to wear Pamella Roland dresses all the freaking time to everything haha. They;re so pretty!

  5. Amanda says:

    omg that last pamella roland dress is spectacular!

  6. What an amazing opportunity you had to go to NYFW! Your looks for the shows are perfect- loving the bold color!! xoxo sarah

  7. gretahollar says:

    Girl you look like a million bucks! Love your fun spin on the pink suit!

  8. Em says:

    This sounds like a great time!

  9. natcrys says:

    Love your outfit!! Pink looks great on you!! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

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