Easy Fall Home Decor for Apartments

October 15, 2019

The past few weeks I’ve had the best time decorating Alex & my apartment for fall. I really like home decor and haven’t had the opportunity to share much on here, so today I’m sharing easy fall home decor for apartments.

There are so many pretty decor ideas for houses for fall, but I’ve seen less inspiration online and on instagram for apartments. It can be trickier to decorate a smaller space for fall – especially given the lack of a front porch – so hopefully this decor helps inspire some of you fellow apartment-dwellers.

There are also lots of great pieces, of course, that would be cute in any home for fall! I’ll share by section of the home, but I’ll also link up everything at the bottom if you’re interested. Let’s get to it.


Easy Fall Home Decor for Apartments

Front Hall / Outdoor Space:

Since many apartment buildings don’t allow wreaths to be hung on the outside of doors, hang one inside! If you have a front hall closet or a laundry closet, like ours here, hang a wreath there instead. When choosing a wreath opt for smaller ones so as to not overwhelm the smaller space that is an apartment. Stick with wreaths 22 inches and under .

I love the wreath we choose; it’s a great size and has fall colors in muted shades. It’s currently on sale for only $18! Shop it here. For other great fall wreaths for apartments, check out these:

You may not have a front porch in an apartment, but if you’ve got a balcony you can still get a festive doormat set up. I fell in love with this hello pumpkin doormat as soon as I saw it. Also, it’s now on sale for only $8!! I’ve linked up other similar options below as well.


Living Room:

Sprucing up your living room with a few festive pieces is the easiest way to feel like you’ve refreshed your home for the season. I went with Heirloom pumpkins as centerpieces for our coffee table and then added a decorative pillow and dark orange fleece throw. Both are no longer available, but similar options are below if you’re on the hunt!

Probably the easiest (and most affordable way) to add some fall touches to your apartment is to grab a pumpkin and personalize it. It can be as simple as using a sharpie to write a short message or monogram.

Bar Cart:

easy fall home decor for apartments


Probably my favorite thing in our apartment is our new bar cart! I love how easy it is to decorate bar carts for seasons or events. To decorate ours for fall I filled a glass cookie jar with mini pumpkins. I love how easy this was while still looking chic. I also bought some ceramic pumpkins which I use to hold sliced lemons/limes.


fall home decor for apartments bathroom


Alex may have thought I was crazy, but decorating our bathroom was something I knew i wanted to do for fall. I am a huge fan of taking baths to unwind, so for me having the bathroom feeling festive just makes me smile. I added fall garland and twinkle lights, as you can see, and decorated our shelves with mini pumpkins.

Alex & I are flying back home from Ontario today and, as wonderful as our Thanksgiving weekend was, I am definitely looking forward to getting back to my cozy fall-decored home!

Shop Fall Home Decor for Apartments:

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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I really love that mat!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Torey Noora says:

    These are all so cute, I am going to try them out!

  3. Madeleine says:

    Great tips!!

  4. thefashionableaccountant says:

    I love your doormat, that’s so cute! I didn’t even know some apartments didn’t allow wreaths, since I was able to do that at mine. I also decorated my bar cart for fall! Xo, Nikki

  5. Love your fall decor! That wreath is my fave.


  6. Your fall decor is so cute and festive! I love the idea of decorating your bathrooms too!

  7. Azanique says:

    I love the living room pillows and table decor! Fall is my favorite season to decorate for 🙂

    Xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

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