5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Busy Holiday Season

December 10, 2019

The holidays are so much fun but, let’s face it, they can also be really overwhelming. From Christmas shopping, to decorating to having events filling up every weekend, it can be easy to forget to enjoy and just feel like you are running on auto pilot.

Today I’m shifting gears from my regular holiday content (don’t miss my Gift Guides for EVERYONE on your List if you’re still holiday shopping) and sharing 5 ways to stay sane during the busy holiday season.

5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Busy Holiday Season:

1. Identify Your “Stress Savers” & Stock Up on Them!

Are you someone who loves bubble baths? Do you love having some chocolates to unwind? Think about usually helps you when you’re stressed and have that on-hand this season. For me, I find a cup of tea and a netflix show can really help my stress so I’ve stocked up on my favorite Lavender Earl Grey Tea and have a Netflix cue just waiting for me! I also find that essential oils help me when I’m stressed, so I stocked up on my favorite – the stress relief roller ball from Saje Wellness. I keep one at home and one in person so I have it on me at all times.

2. Phone a Friend

It’s more than an option from a cheesy game show, ‘phone a friend’ is a key way to stay sane during the busy holiday season. We can get so wrapped up in our holiday to-do lists that we forget how good it feels to just chat with a friend. It’s hard to make plans during the already packed month, but you can find time for a 20 minute phone call! This is especially great if you’ve got a friend/friends who live far away. Plan a quick chat during your drive to work, or for right before bed. You won’t regret taking this time!

3. Pick Up a Cozy New Outfit

You deserve to feel comfy and cozy as much as possible this season. Treat yourself to a cozy new outfit. I’m wearing three new pieces here that I cannot recommend highly enough:

4. Take One Thing Off Your Plate

You know how Coco Chanel once said the key to style is to look in the mirror before you leave the house and take off one piece of your jewelry? Well, this is the holiday sanity version of that. There is so much going on this season that if you try to do it all you’ll likely end up not enjoying any of it as you rush through everything. Do yourself a favor and pick one thing on your list to not do. Whether that’s RSVP’ing no to a certain holiday party, deciding not to send Christmas cards, or taking one dish of your Christmas Dinner ‘to cook’ list.

5. Remember Your Priorities

When you’re trying to please everyone from great-aunt-Jo to your coworker it can be easy to loose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. You can’t please everyone, so remember your why for whatever it is you’re doing, whether that’s buying gifts, attending a party or choosing a recipe to cook. You’ll feel so much better if you can distance yourself from the overwhelming idea of making everyone happy and focus on what your priorities are. #SeeYaGreatAuntJo lol.

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24 responses to “5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Busy Holiday Season”

  1. Carrington Barfield says:

    These are great reminders! I think it’s important to slow down when life becomes super busy and remember to prioritize and make time for the important things. Thanks for including this! Xx.

  2. Rach says:

    This time of the year can be SO stressful! Thank you for the tips, I definitely needed some!


  3. Lizzie says:

    These are great ideas! It’s definitely important to take one thing off your plate during the holidays!


  4. hillheady says:

    I totally needed this post! The holidays are definitely already getting to me haha. Need to remember to take one thing off my plate every now and then!

  5. Rachel says:

    The holidays are always so nuts and finding time to relax is always so important to me! I love stocking up on cozy loungewear so I have excuse to lounge on the couch!


  6. My mom is asking for slip-on slippers this year and I think these with the bow would be so cute for her!!!

    The HER Chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

  7. Marlene says:

    You’re right, the holidays can be stressful! I love the idea of self-care and picking up a cute and cozy outfit too.

  8. Yes to all of this! Definitely need this today. Thanks for sharing lady!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. Stephanie says:

    The other day, I went to LUSH solely for the purpose of buying myself a bubble bar, and then after a VERY long day of holiday work, I soaked in the tub, listened to a good book on Audible, and drank a glass of wine. MUCH needed – and something I rarely do. Definitely a game-changer!

    • Lee says:

      That sounds AH-MAZING. I’ve got an after work meeting until 8 tonight and am very, very much considering doing exactly that after my meeting!

  10. Greta says:

    Girl, I am definitely feeling the holiday stress. Wine and bath bombs are the only things getting me through!

    • Lee says:

      Ooo thanks for the reminder – i definitely need to pick up some more bath bombs! Nothing like a glass of wine in a relaxing bath!

  11. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    Thank you for the tips!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  12. Caitlin says:

    I feel like a new holiday comfy outfit helps me stay sane 🙂

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