The #1 Skincare Tip from My Dermatologist

August 3, 2020

what is the best tinted sunscreen

I visited my dermatologist last week for a check-up on my skin (many of you know I’ve been battling cystic acne for years) and while I was there I took the opportunity to go beyond my acne and ask her more general questions about skincare and her tips for healthy skin at all ages.

What surprised me was how confident she was in one tip in particular; what she considered to be her #1 most important skincare tip.

The #1 skincare tip from my dermatologist? Wear tinted sunscreen.

Yep. It’s that simple. Let me tell you about why this is her #1 tip and then share the brands she recommended (including ones in a wide range of skin tone shades).

Why You Should Wear Tinted Sunscreen:

 It’s pretty obvious that a dermatologist would consider sunscreen to be extremely important and among one of their biggest skincare recommendations. What’s less obvious is why tinted sunscreen would be so highly recommend.

The short answer? Added protection for your skin. My dermatologist explained to me that they are seeing an increase in dark spots, skin discoloration, and even melasma on women. The added color/tint in tinted sunscreens provides additional protection from damaging environmental stressors.

This is especially the case if you’re fair skinned. The lighter your skin, says my dermatologist, the more likely you are to face discoloration or melasma even if you wear sunscreen. Tinted sunscreen gives your skin an extra boost in fighting that off.

The main reason for that is the use of iron oxide as the product creating tint. Iron oxide broadens the spectrum of protection so you’re protected not just from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also from visible light and infrared light damage (which again can cause discolored spots or melasma on skin).

Types of Tinted Sunscreens:

Tinted sunscreen is not what it was a decade ago. It now comes in a several forms; traditional liquid, cream, or powder.

You can also find tinted sunscreens for whatever level of coverage you prefer – sheer, medium or full coverage. There are even options that provide either a dewy or matte finish.

My Tinted Sunscreen Recommendation:

1. Avène Tinted Mineral Fluid – SPF 50: The Best All-Around Tinted Sunscreen

This tinted sunscreen is well worth the price in my opinion, if only for how it feels. I used to hate applying sunscreen in the morning because of how it felt on my skin. This one delivers non-greasy, non-cakey sun protection. I also like the medium coverage it provides. In the photo above I’m only wearing the Avène tinted mineral fluid – no foundation at all!

– The BEST formula (not cakey, not greasy)
– Medium coverage, looks even and natural

– Expensive.
– No color range, it only comes in one shade. This is chemically designed to help blend with your skin but obviously only within a few light – to – medium Caucasian shades. This work wonders for my skin, but obviously won’t work for everyone .. which is why I’ve rounded up other options below!

avene tinted sunscreen review
Other Recommended Tinted Sunscreens:

1. Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen– SPF 50: For Those Looking for an Affordable Option

This tinted sunscreen is really affordable (under $15) and provides some of the highest SPF protection. It’s also water resistant and has other ingredients that are good for your skin like eucalyptus. It also comes in a variety of shades including one for dark skin tones. (Also available here and here for Canadian shoppers)

2. Tarte Sugar Rush Skin Treat Blurring Skin TintSPF 20: For Those Looking for a Matte Finish

This skin tint comes in 8 shades and is designed with primer like qualities – meaning it will blur imperfections and create a more even look across your skin. Unlike most sunscreens which give a dewy glow this one is designed to give a matte finish! If you’re more of a matte skin girl this is definitely the tinted sunscreen you need!

3. La Mer The Radiant SkinTint Broad Spectrum– SPF 30: For Luxury Skincare Lovers

This one is the most expensive of the bunch coming in at $95, but if you’re looking for tinted sunscreen that also packs a punch for general skincare, then this is your product. La Mer luxury anti-aging products are infamous, and they incorporate that into this tinted sunscreen. His one comes in 7 shades! It’s pretty full coverage too so you can definitely skip the foundation and wear just this during the summer! (Also available here)

4. Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen SPF 50: For Those Wanting Less Steps in their Routine

This product isn’t *technically* a tinted sunscreen, it’s a BB cream with a tinted sunscreen in it. I wanted to include it on this list though because it’s a great option if you’re a “limited product” kind of women, because this gives you moisturizer, skin brightening/anti-aging, and the tinted SPF all in one product. It’s coverage is quite sheer so it’s also great if you don’t like the covered in foundation look. If you do, you can easily apply your normal foundation on top of this one! (also available here)

5. Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush on Sunscreen– SPF 50: For When You Want Reapplication!

Going to be in the sun for a while? This sunscreen is designed to be applied like a loose powder or setting powder  – you take a brush and dust it over your skin – so this is a great option if you’ll be out and need to reapply. It’s especially great if you’re wearing foundation and other makeup (blush, highlighter etc.) since re-applying this won’t wreck any of that! It also comes in both light and dark. Ps. This brand also makes a tinted sunscreen foundation that comes in even more light to dark shade options.

6. Coola BB Cream & Mineral Tinted Sunscreen– SPF 30: For Those Wanting an Organic Option

This lightweight BB Cream will give you moisturizing benefits and a lightweight finish. Also available here and here for Canadian shoppers).

Shop The Tinted Sunscreens:

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28 responses to “The #1 Skincare Tip from My Dermatologist”

  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    That is such an interesting tip!

    Curated by Jennifer

    • Lee says:

      Isn’t it! I hadn’t heard about visible light and infrared radiation before or how the tint can help protect from that!

  2. hillheady says:

    I totally need to be wearing more sunscreen – thank you for the reminder! Definitely going to try these brands.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Oh yes! I used to work for a dermatologist. I learned all kinds of stuff from her! I use that Avène sunscreen too!


    • Lee says:

      Ah how did I not know that Lizzie?! That’s super cool, you must have learned so much! I love the Avene sunscreen eh! I just feels so lightweight!

  4. gatoradams says:

    I never would have thought of this- thank you for sharing!

  5. Kileen says:

    These skincare products sound so amazing! I feel like I could never have enough products for my skin like these!

    cute & little

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m fascinated by your dermatologist’s reply. That’s one I haven’t heard before, and now I really want to grab up all the tinted sunscreens! I struggle with really terrible acne and hyperpigmentation, so anything that could help prevent more discoloration is something I need for sure haha.

    • Lee says:

      Isn’t it such an interesting recommendation!? I hadn’t thought about it at all before and it makes so much sensse.

  7. Kim says:

    I wear sunscreen everyday but need to try out some of these tinted recommendations! Thank you for sharing!


  8. Caitlin Houston says:

    This is so fascinating! I just started wearing tinted sunscreen so I’m pumped 🙂

  9. How interesting! Didn’t know tinted made a difference in protection. Great tip! xoxo, Sarah

  10. annaefox01 says:

    Sunscreen is ALWAYS such an important step, and I’m trying to a better job!

  11. YAS! I love a tinted sunscreen, and I actually even called them tinted sun drops a lot of the time since the formulation is thinner (and doesn’t clog the pores!)

  12. Ohhh I didn’t know that the tint was an extra layer of protection. Thanks for sharing xo

  13. Mica says:

    That’s a good tip! it’s so important to wear sunscreen here and tinted sunscreen makes it really easy as I don’t need to wear BB cream on top too!

    Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

  14. blogthirtyminusone says:

    Such a simple trick. I usually skip on sunscreen but the more I hear about it, the more I know I need one. I’ll check out one from your list. 🙂

    Xx, Nailil

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