Bad Disney Princesses: Group Halloween Costume

October 21, 2020

Looking for a group Halloween costume? I’ve got you covered – bad Disney princesses makes for the perfect group costume since it allows everyone to have that ‘cohesive theme’ while still wearing what they want to wear. I teamed up with some of my blogger friends for this costume – they’re all tagged on my instagram post if you want to check it out and see more of each of their costumes! Side note: This would be such a perfect costume for a Zoom Halloween party!! Even socially distanced we can dress up and have fun for Halloween.

Let’s go over ideas/tips for creating this group costume and then I’ll talk about the specifics of my Snow White costume / what to wear for bad Snow White!

Bad Disney Princesses: Group Halloween Costume


Step 1: Pick Your Princesses

As you can see went with: Cinderella, Snow White, Moana, Belle, Ariel and Tinkerbelle. Other ideas we thought of are: Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Tiana.

Step 2: Come Up With the Criminal Offences

We came up with different criminal offences for each princess, mine is “unlawfully in a dwelling” since Snow White just entered the Dwarves home without their permission and stayed there! You can see the other girls if you zoom in closely on the photo (or head to instagram!) My personal favorite is Ariel’s “theft of gadgets and gizmos a plenty”. 🤣

Step 3: Make Your Jail Slate

If one person makes a “jail slate” in a word doc, everyone can print it out themselves just changing their name and criminal offence. Have fun with this! If you zoom in closely on ours (see my close up below) you’ll notice a couple of things. One, the police department is 32830 Police Department … that’s the Zip Code for Disney World in Florida. 🙊. We then also called it “Fairy Tale P.D”.

Bad Snow White Halloween Costume:

For my Snow White costume, in addition to the jail slate, I wanted to use things I owned or could get and wear use again vs. buying a costume. Snow white wears bright red, blue and yellow, so basically any combo you can come up with of that will look good; but to be as close to accurate as possible opt for blue on top and yellow on the bottom.

I had this blue turtleneck and my yellow ‘skirt’ is actually a summer dress I own that I just wore the turtleneck on top of! I added red ribbon at the waist to make a red belt (highly recommend doing that with whatever else you are wearing), and used the same red ribbon to create a hair bow.

Since I, clearly, don’t have jet black hair, I picked up a bob cut wig from a Halloween Costume store.

Then I just went with very fair / highlighted skin with black cat eye eyeliner, very red cheeks and red lipstick. Do yourself a favor and get this longwear red lipstick. It’s under $12 and you’ll wear it a ton. It’s the best longwear lipstick I’ve ever found!

Below I’ll link similar options to these pieces, in case you’re hoping to buy some to create this costume!

Snow White Halloween Costume Pieces:

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34 responses to “Bad Disney Princesses: Group Halloween Costume”

  1. Lizzie says:

    Such a fun and unique idea! These costumes turned out so cute!


  2. oh my gosh this is so funny! love the idea

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    These are amazing!!

    Curated By Jennifer

  4. hillheady says:

    Oh my goodness these are SO awesome!! Especially loving the Ariel costume! So cue and quick!

  5. This is epic! As a Disney fanatic, I LOVE this idea!!! They all came out so good! xoxo, Sarah

  6. annaefox01 says:

    OMG this is such a cute group costume idea, I love it!

  7. Amanda says:

    These are SO fun and so good– what a unique costume idea to do with girlfriends! Love that you can use pieces you already own or would be able to wear again for Snow White.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea for a group! It’s hilarious, easy enough to recreate, and really cute too. Everyone did a great job. I think your Snow White is brilliant. I can’t get over how creative your costumes are!

  9. rebecca says:

    okay this is SUCH a fun idea!! i absolutely love it. so cute and creative!

  10. kileen says:

    What a fun idea for Halloween! This is a fun and cute twist for your costume!

    cute & little

  11. This is such a fun idea!! I absolutely love all your looks!

    Miles of smiles,

  12. Melody Jacob says:

    The costumes are nice, tho I do not celebrate Halloween.

  13. Lovely says:

    What a brilliant idea! You girls are slaying it.

  14. dousedinpink says:

    So fun! These costumes are amazing!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  15. Lee says:

    Thank you Lovely!!

  16. literally the most epic! I couldn’t be more obsessed!

    xo Laura Leigh

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