Our Save the Dates & FAQ’s About our Wedding

February 17, 2021

We sent out our Save the Dates this week and suddenly it all feels real! Eek! In addition to sending them to our friends and family, I wanted to share them with you as well since you guys have been so supportive of me in all things wedding planning these past few months.

I designed our Save the Dates online with Minted, and had a really good experience with them. I did not find Minted very user friendly at first (as far as making edits to their design templates) but once I got the hang of it I loved it since everything was so customizable.

The photo I chose for the front of the Save the Date is from the day Alex proposed (read about Alex’s epic proposal if you missed it.) I love this photo so much because Alex looks so handsome (I mean, he always does, but you get my point haha), and I love that I’m looking at him and not the camera and I think you can really see the genuine happiness in my expression.

We decided to share a brief version of our ‘story’ on the back of the Save the Date since there are a lot of family members invited to the wedding who we haven’t seen much / at all. Since a year of the 1.5 years we’ve been together have been in a pandemic, there are a lot of Alex’s family members who are invited to the wedding who I’ve never even met! We thought this would be a nice way to have them get to know us and our relationship.

Last but not least for today’s post, some FAQ’s about our wedding!

Q: Why are you having 2 weddings?!

A: We’re having 2 weddings because after much (much, much, much) back and forth and soul-searching (as much as I hate that term) we decided it was important to us to be married and not let the pandemic dictate our timeline and take this important step from us. We may not be able to have a big wedding but we can get married and that’s what matters to us.

We do still want to celebrate with our loved ones though so having the big second wedding just made sense to us!

Q: Why not have the second one even later so COVID is absolutely past?

A: Great question – we might! We went with the October date for scheduling reasons (it works for so many friends and family) but we’re fully prepared to make a call 3 months out about continuing with the date or postponing it into 2022. Since we will already be married we feel less pressure to have it on October 8th, so we’re playing it by ear. I’m still hopeful we’ll be able to have a ‘normal’ wedding by then, but if I’m wrong and it’s still not safe for our loved ones to gather we will absolutely postpone it into 2022!

Q: Are you having 2 wedding dresses?

A: I sure am! and after all the stress and hell that was wedding dress shopping (check out this raw instagram post for more on that) I have not only one but BOTH DRESSES! 🙌 They are very different styles and I can’t wait to wear each of them. 🙂

Q: What is your wedding theme / decor / aesthetic  / are they different for both?

A: We are having a different theme/aesthetic for each!

For the July micro wedding we are leaning into the fact that it is an outdoor wedding  and focusing on tons of greenery and flowers. Nature will be a big part of it but I am really excited to have some very fancy / glam elements to it. I love the contrast of classic glamor with beachy boho so we’re going for a bit of that. Our color palette is blush & pale green.

For the October wedding our color palette is mulberry, mauve, gold and sage green. I would describe the aesthetic as vintage glamor meets west coast.

If you’re interested in more of my wedding inspo, come follow along on my wedding inspiration pinterest board!

Q: Do you have a budget / any tips for budgeting?

A: We are giving ourselves a budget for each wedding. As far as tips for budgeting I have found so many great resources! I love the budgeting spreadsheets and guides in this wedding planner (also available here). I also like the online tools available on wedding wire.

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14 responses to “Our Save the Dates & FAQ’s About our Wedding”

  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    You answered lots of great questions!

    Curated By Jennifer

  2. Lovely says:

    That’s a cool idea to share your story behind Save the date. Beautiful picture and you both look wonderful and happy!

  3. Stephanie says:

    The save the dates are absolutely beautiful, friend. I am seriously so happy for you both. I’m glad you’ve gotten things settled with two dates – and you got both of your dresses!! Yay!! I can’t wait to see more of this process as you go!

  4. tanviidotcom says:

    Your Save The Date is so eye-catching. You guys take great pictures together.

    ❄ tanvii.com

  5. Lizzie says:

    The save the dates turned out so pretty! Love your outfit!


  6. Stephani says:

    OMG these save the dates are so beautiful! I love your photo!

    Xo, Steph

  7. gretahollar says:

    I love how your Save the Dates turned out! Your wedding is going to be epic!

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