February 2021 – Month in Review

March 1, 2021

February 2021 recap: Considering it’s still spring 2020 in my mind, I have no idea how it is officially MARCH. 🤯 With the weird pandemic year we’ve had time has both flown by and d r a g g e d   o n. Don’t you think? Since it’s the first day of March I thought it would be fun to do a “month in review” – a little recap of my February. I used to do these way more frequently and need to get back into them.


I really challenged myself this month to allow myself to have down time and to focus on my health and well-being. I’ve been working on setting boundaries with work which does not come easily to me. While I certainly wasn’t perfect at it, I feel good about my efforts! I also got a personal trainer to get myself back into working out and that’s been so great!

What I Bought:

1. Personalized Wedding Ring Dish: I ordered this beautiful ring dish from Etsy and can’t wait for it to arrive!

2. Black Jumpsuit: I love this jumpsuit! It’s got just the right amount of softness and stretch to make it comfortable and totally wearable. Perfect work from home piece.

3. Burgundy Long sleeve Jumpsuit: What can I say, I’m in love with the athflow trend! This jumpsut is another great piece to wear for working from home and it’s on sale!

4. Insulated Coffee Mugs Set: I’ve talked about this sooo much on my instagram; I’m just so happy with this Amazon find! Under $25 for a set of two mugs and they actually do keep your coffee warmer for longer. Perfect for slow (or distracted) coffee drinkers like me!

5. Black Combat Boots: I just got these after being quite uncertain about this trend – I didn’t think I liked combat boots at all! I tried these though and I’m hooked. They are SO wearable! Pair them with a midi skirt and sweater for a fashion forward look. These are a great price and a comfortable fit.

6. Embellished “Faux Collar”: This is just such a cool item of clothing. A faux collar so you can get the look of a collared shirt under a sweater, but without the added bulk. Plus at under $10 you can’t go wrong!

7.Sports Bra & World’s BEST Leggings: I love this sports bra because it feels like nothing – it’s so soft! I wouldn’t recommend it for high impact but it’s great to wear for yoga and working out at home. And then these leggings! The internet is obsessed because they are so freaking flattering and feel so soft. The cross-over v front is slimming and comfortable. They sell out ( a lot ) so hurry if you want them.

… oh and you know, I also bought TWO WEDDING DRESSES! Eeek! 😃

Where I Went:

We are still under tight travel restrictions here in BC so no travel for me this month!

What I Watched:

1. Yellowstone:
Alex & I have been binging this on Amazon Prime. It’s dark, but so good! It’s basically the sopranos meets wild wild west lol. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an intense drama!

2. Little Fires Everywhere:
Apparently Alex & I have been loving dramas this past month lol. If you haven’t seen Little Fires Everywhere it’s definitely a must watch. Kerry Washington & Reese Witherspoon are unreal in this. So talented and such an interesting plot.

3. Schitt’s Creek:
On a lighter note, I’ve finally gotten Alex watching Schitt’s Creek (I’d previously watched the first three seasons) and he loves it! If you want a light and easy comedy on Netflix, give this a go.

What I Learned:

The main thing I learned this month is actually an ‘unlearn’. I’ve really worked this month on unlearning a narrative that so many of us were taught, that how hard we work determines our value. I’ve always tied my self-esteem to my work ethic and while there is some positive in that for sure, I’m really focusing on stepping back from my crazy work schedule to take care of myself and with that needing to address the uncomfortable feelings that arise about being ‘lazy’ and ‘not productive’. In reality, our value as people is intrinsic and how much we do has nothing to do with it. I’m working on embracing this.

Favorite Blog Posts of Mine:

1. Work Edit: Trend to Try – Athflow:
I loved this blog post because I love sharing trends with you, rather than just one outfit. As much as I love sharing individual outfits you can wear I also like helping you keep on top of trends and how you can style things you may already own!

2. Our Engagement Photos & 10 Tips from a Wedding Photographer:
I’m just still so over the moon with the incredible photos Lydia took for us! Plus, this post is great for anyone looking to take engagement or wedding photos soon, since she has some great photo tips!

Favorite Blog Posts I Read:

1. Where to Stay in Charleston: Post House Inn ~ by Hilary Heady
Hil always finds great spots and this spot in Charleston totally caught my eye. Since we can’t travel (STILL 😭), I’m bookmarking a ton of places I want to go once things open up again, and this is definitely on my list!

2. Why NOT to buy SheIn Clothing ~ by Blondes & Bagels
You may remember that I “broke up” with SheIn clothing just over a year ago after a couple of major incidents back to back, including them producing an anti-semitic item, stealing the work of a first nations artist, and rumors of their terrible treatment of their workers. Kelsey did an excellent job with this post explaining why it’s just not worth it to buy from this store.

Plans & Goals for March:

1. Workout 3 Times per Week:
While I will never promote fad diets or unhealthy practices, I do think that it is okay to want to focus on *healthy* weight loss and working out. I was so active in my twenties and the past 2 years have really gotten away from it. Leading up to the wedding I want to get back into shape! I mentioned earlier I’ve got a personal trainer I’m working with once a week and I want to do at least 2 at-home workouts throughout the week as well. My blogger friend Laura Leigh shares her workouts on instagram and they are so motivational and do-able! I also still love following the Faster Way to Fat Loss meal plans (Alex follows them too!) They make me feel healthy and not hungry.

2. Update my Poshmark:
I have SO many clothes I’ve been meaning to sell on Poshmark! I cleaned out my closet and after donating 3 big bags to a local good will, I still have probably 40 things I want to sell. I hope to get them all posted in the next two weeks. If you’re interested, follow me on Poshmark Canada – I’m LegalLeeBlonde on there as well!

3. Book Our Videographer, Florist & Caterer:
Next up in my wedding planning is booking these three things for our July micro-wedding. Wish me luck!

4. Read at LEAST one Fiction Book:
Again, this goes back to prioritizing self care. I read a ton of case law, news articles and legal updates but I want to make time each night for at least a few minutes of fiction reading before bed.

5. Get Through My CRAZY Work Schedule:
My law practice is all kinds of busy this month, with a few things that are new to me so I am excited but definitely a little nervous about how busy I’ll be! I want to focus on (of course) doing great work for my clients but also taking the time to learn, grow and appreciate how I lucky I am to do a job that I love and to be able to help people.

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24 responses to “February 2021 – Month in Review”

  1. Lovely says:

    Lovely recap! How beautiful is that wedding ring dish and faux collar!

  2. tanviidotcom says:

    You had a productive February and you got a lot done. I like the format of this post.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  3. I also took this month to have a REAL break and embracing quiet and downtime. I have a hard time not doing anything and hustle culture makes it easy to “stay busy.” The break was much needed!

  4. annaefox01 says:

    I have not gotten into the combat boot trend, but yours look so stylish!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Okay, first of all, I love the way you mentioned how the coffee mugs are for slower (or distracted) coffee drinkers because that is SO me. I start my coffee and get wrapped up in work and forget it exists. Oops. Also, the mugs are pretty too, so that’s a plus! I love that you’re unlearning that particular thing because I’m working on that myself right now! Sounds like we’re in similar places – but we’ve got this!! And giiirl if you ever need fiction recs, I got you 😉

    • Lee says:

      Haha same girl same, the struggle to drink your coffee while it’s hot is REAL. And ah I love that you’re working through some unlearning as well, it’s such important growth work. Sending you all the positive vibes!

  6. rebecca says:

    yellowstone & schitts creek are two of my faaaaaaves! great to be watching both at once, haha! lots of great stuff here, too. excited to continue to see wedding plans, and truly love the idea of “unlearning.”

    • Lee says:

      They’re SO good eh!! We’re already on season 3 of Yellowstone and literally only started 2.5 weeks ago haha.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Sounds like a good month! I need to update my poshmark too haha! Oops!


  8. Rach says:

    It’s so crazy that it is already March! I’m actually pretty excited about this month!


  9. Yellowstone has been hands down our favorite show ever! We are sooooo ready for the new season to come out this summer. Beth is my obsession (and Kasey too, if I’m being honest). Love both jumpsuits you purchased!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • Lee says:

      Ahh season 4 is coming out this summer?! woohoo! I was worried we’d finish season 3 this month and then I’d be waiting a year for more. I can’t wait haha. I totally agree, Beth is such a fascinating character. I also just adore Rip.

  10. mireilleftm says:

    I will have to check out that Charleston post: it is 5 hours from us and we went in the fall and love our visit.

  11. gretahollar says:

    Schitt’s Creek is such a good show to watch! Also love all your purchases from this month.

  12. This sounds like a great month girl! I loved all of your purchases you wrote about for this month, that black jumpsuit is so cute! Xx.

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