Schitt’s Creek Alexis & Ted: DIY Couples Halloween Costume Idea

October 25, 2021

EW DAVID! You can’t just show up to Halloween party without a costume! 😉

Schitt’s Creek fans I have an easy last-minute, DIY couples Halloween costume idea for you – Alexis & Ted! This iconic duo is pretty easy to dress up as, plus you can have fun acting like Alexis all night long! Here’s what you need for this DIY couples Halloween costume idea:

DIY couples Halloween costume idea legalleeblonde

Alexis & Ted, Schitt’s Creek: DIY Couples Halloween Costume Idea


Alexis has a such an interesting style, especially in the earlier seasons. She mixes boho style with 70’s influences and her iconic style is actually really easy to recreate. Here’s what you need:


Alexis is the queen of the floral mini dress. Bonus points if you wear a baby doll style. She also wears a ton of these baby doll mini dresses with long sleeves. When picking a dress (from your closet or buying online!) look for ones that are short, flowy, and have details like small patterns or ruffles. Some affordable ideas are:


This costume is perfect for breaking out your over the knee boots from years past! Alexis wore so many pairs of OTK boots in the show’s 5 seasons it’s hard to keep track. Paired with a mini dress these boots have such an Alexis vibe.


Alexis pretty much exclusively wears gold jewelry. Her most notable piece is her signature sideways A necklace, but she also wears a lot of dainty gold layered necklaces and gold statement earrings.

Alexis is a big fan of the giant floppy hat. Add one of these to your look and you’re good to go! I’ll link some of favorite floppy hats and Alexis inspired jewelry pieces below.

And that’s it! Add some ‘Ew David!”s and t-rex hands into your night and you are Alexis ready. Bonus points if you break out in “A little bit Alexis” lol.


Ted is the easiest Halloween costume (which is perfect if you’ve got a partner who is hesitant about dressing up and wants to keep it simple).


Blue scrubs!! Find a pair of scrubs (you can buy them online, I’ll link some below) or check your local thrift shop’s ‘uniform’ section. Don’t forget to add a white t-shirt under the scrubs (Ted’s signature look) and some comfy trainer / running shoes.


If you can find a stethoscope, that’s a great addition to this costume. I’d also grab a toy stuffed animal (dog or cat) so Ted can carry that around all night!

DIY couples Halloween costume idea alexis and ted from Schitt's creek

And there you have it! It’s that simple. In case you want links for exactly what I’m wearing as Alexis in these photos I’ll drop a widget of that below. My dress and OTK boots are available on Amazon prime so you can still snag them in time for Halloween!

For my US Readers:

For my fellow Canadians, shop these links:
Longsleeve Mini Dress // OTK Boots // A Necklace

Thanks for reading you guys. I hope you liked this DIY couples Halloween costume idea. Check out my other Halloween costume ideas here. Boop!

legallee blonde as Alexis from Schitt's Creek. DIY couples halloween costime idea

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  1. Shauna says:

    So cute and creative! Perfect idea for an easy costume! Happy Halloween! xx


  2. Ashley says:

    Such a cute costume idea- and I love that it’s pretty easy to throw together! Alexis and Ted were sooooo adorable!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. What a fun costume idea and it would be so easy to put together at the last minute too! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you are having a great week 🙂

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